Flickr Friday

Hey Lovelies. I’m not feeling so great this morning.. It feels like somebody came around with a baseball bat and hit me in the knees demanding their sleep debt that I accumulated this semester be paid back..NOW, so I feel slightly comatose, arthritic and my tummy is rebelling against anything I put into it. Is this because I jumped the airport line? Really? Is karma so bad? *sniffle* So, I thought I’d just show you some pictures from the Flickr accounts I’ve been stalking lately.* Hope everyone is well and looking forward to the weekend! xoxo

3096736972_d78ac2edbb_b{Kate Farnady}

katheyes{Kat Heyes – I have to say, this photo makes me feel very lonely for J.}


rockmenow48{Meghan Colson}

*I think this is the blogger equivalent of making shadow puppets to distract children.



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2 responses to “Flickr Friday

  1. I love that last one especially. Always a sucker for pictures of balloons.

  2. do shadow puppets really work in this day and age with kids? my money’s on no.

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