A Sunday Kind of Love – Carlynn Edition!

Hello Lovelies! I’m signing off this snowy Sunday and leaving you in the incredibly capable hands of a very close friend. Carlynn and I met ages ago in Grade 8 (!), and she has stuck by me through sickness, distance and a serious dose of pink hair, any one which could have proved fatal. Her timeless and thoughtful sense of style, combined with a fabulous heart and conscience makes her a wonderful contributer. Her Sunday Kind of Love is also a great guide to Canadiana and Toronto.. aw heck, she’s so fabulous, I’ll let her take it away. xoxo


When A asked me to contribute to her so-hip-it-hurts blog, I have to admit I was thrilled… and worried sick.  As much as the kind compliments from her, one of my oldest and dearest friends, helped the situation, I turn to Miel et Cannelle for my daily dose of style, wit, and beauty so how could this old grey mare have anything to say that might interest the other devotees that look to A for a breath of fresh air?  Ok, I think that’s enough self-deprecating to sufficiently lower your expectations.  On to the list!

neck-warmer{Me in my stylin’ scarf}

I have the good fortune to be in the orbit of Robin Lacambra, the creative force and style powerhouse, who has transformed her father’s old auto shop into an arts/party space for all her many artsy friends.  At the first November Nightfall Market at Rolly’s Garage, I sipped spiked hot chocolate, listened to live jazz, and stumbled upon a treasure chest of goodies from a variety of presenters.  My favourite find was the E.E.L Neck Warmer made from recycled designer samples.  Eco-chic much?  As a bonus, because it’s sewn together, even a hopeless scarf stylist like myself can manage to look effortlessly chic.  My mom’s getting one under the tree. Email emilyerinlaw@gmail.com for one of your own.

beaver-tail{Outside the Beaver Tail Shack.}

On a whirlwind trip to Ottawa, I made sure to sample a local delicacy.  No, not maple-flavoured anything or a politician’s liver- BEAVER TAILS!  Don’t bother ordering anything other than that ‘so simple it’s genius’ Killaloe Sunset: sugar, cinnamon, freshly squeezed lemon on a fried piece of dough resembling a beaver’s tail.  Canadians could probably dominate the world with these if we ever had the inkling to do so, but thus far we choose to use our fried powers for good and not evil.  Heaven.  It was practically worth the death-defying roadtrip on the worst roads I have ever seen.  Yay, rideshare!  (Don’t tell my mother.)  Oh, and A, are you and bro still thinking of setting up one outside a bar and making a killing?  I’m in.  The rest of Canada needs Beaver Tails.


The Harbourfront Centre in Toronto is described as a “10-acre public trust powered by the creative cultures of Canada and the world” and I had the pleasure of seeing my fave choreographer’s newest piece there recently.  Crystal Pite’s latest work for her contemporary dance company Kidd Pivot was phenomenal, but it’s not the third entry on my list this Sunday.  When picking up my student rush tickets, I took a boo around the workspaces where very hip creative types were sewing, designing, blowing glass, and snuck a picture or two of some of their display cases.  In my awe and haste, I failed to note the artist here (boo, bad Carlynn) but I hope you enjoy her whimsical yet melancholy spoons and clock nonetheless.


I’m too old to spend much time in the Clubs district of Toronto, but I will make an exception for Smoke’s Poutinerie on Adelaide.  Oh. My. Goddess.  While I may have abandoned my carnivorous ways (much to the chagrin of A), I can still gorge on crispy Yukon gold fries smothered in rich (VEG-FRIENDLY!) mushroom gravy and squeaky cheese curds fresh from the Eastern Townships.  Yes, these are the legit curds you won’t find on A&W poutine, the kind that sound like “two balloons making out” when you chew them.  Amazing.  No wonder they’ve put up a giant chalkboard to keep the lines of gluttons playful and happy as they wait. Check out all their funky varieties of poutine here.


Last but not least is Ndidi Onikwulu and her new album The Contradictor, that I stumbled upon in the Canadian section.  She’s reminiscent of the retro stylings of Jill Barber, but has a cooler name.  Check her out if you dig sultry jazz with a bit of bluesy street cred.  It’s certainly preferable to the Kenny G Christmas album that my mom currently has on repeat.  Needless to say, my love of being home for the holidays is not based on music selection.  If your mother/in-laws/partner has similar musical poor taste, drown them out with the beautiful samples of Ndidi you can find here.

Take care and stay warm (I suggest a loved one, some cocoa, and the channel on TV that has a 24-hr crackling fireplace)



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3 responses to “A Sunday Kind of Love – Carlynn Edition!

  1. The thought of Yukon gold fries with mushroom gravy has me salivating, as does that fab scarf. I’ve been scouring thrift stores for one of my own, but suspect they won’t show up until they’re long out of style. I’m a bit intimidated to drop any serious dough on one, since I’m not sure I could really pull it off! You definitely do, though!

  2. canadians lead such exotic lives. my winter is so boring. thank god.

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