Wanted Wednesday

{“The Meeting Place” statue by Paul Day at St. Pancras}

My lovelies. The weather is so terrible here, the flights so delayed, the sky so grey, that even the airline that shall not be named is handing out 500$ vouchers to people as they get ON the plane. Nobody is going anywhere, and faces are grim.

It’s a funny thing to miss somebody. Our family is smaller, the places around the table jostled and uneven, in a way that 4 people at a square table never thought they could feel uncomfortable. We are playing musical chairs with tradition, dodging and laughing and grabbing in the hopes that when that music stops, all chairs will be covered, all traditions remembered, temporary rolls filled, and all eyes averted from staring at the only other four people playing. We are doing well, we are doing, which is all you can ask for, but it’s a strange shadow puppetry made real only when we all break down and talk about what we’re really doing, new things and new ways, instead of punch and judying to what we should be doing. We are lonely, and sometimes, I think that perhaps that is just as valuable of a tradition as any other, creating what is missing from loneliness and acknowledging it in kind as its own seat at the table.

Which is not to say that we aren’t having fabulous and beautiful and new laughter and smiles. We are all aware that loneliness ends, either by it’s dulling from use or the return of what was missed. We all know that for moments after the chair is filled, it is better than before and fuller and doesn’t quite fit our hearts. And we know, in time, it will be so.

So, my Wanted Wednesday, for all of you – is to be with the ones you love. Maybe not now, maybe not for a few hundred days, maybe without the knowledge of who you love. But at some point, with some one, somewhere, when you know – to be with them. And until then, to keep playing music chairs, to laugh, and grab all the 500$ vouchers you can.




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2 responses to “Wanted Wednesday

  1. j.

    it means sooooo much to have these ideas put into words!!! and so well done. thank you, i’m sure on behalf of endless many people! best, j.

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