On the day after Christmas, a road trip gave to me..

{road trip accoutrements}

{road trip accoutrements}

12 Christmas Oranges (not a fab idea)

11 Mispronounced Road signs (and a unilingual GPS named Serina)

10 Rest Stops that were misnamed (the stronger bladder always rules)

9 Store Restrooms (the above rule is for fools)

8 Lines the size of the Great Wall (and a sister with eagle eyes)

7 French girls the size of whippets (and some others double the size)

6 perfect things for others (the season of giving continues.. surprise!)

5 Frenchmen waving (with only one finger)

4 Country songs (and four poor singers)

3 Hours in Montreal (afraid of a riot)

2 Ugly Sweaters (you’ll wear them and keep quiet)

1 brother who laughed at us (and stayed at home)


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