A Sunday Kind of Love – Sister Edition!

Hello Lovelies! Today’s guest blogger has been appearing a lot recently on M&C – My sister! Though we’re seven years apart, we look a lot a like, reinforced by our similar taste in style, fashion and art. I’ve had the strange experience lately of being in public and feeling as though I must be walking by a mirror.. when I’m walking by my sister! Aspiring social worker, established style maven, songstress and go-go dancer, here she is…M! (Keep in mind girl – the inspiration street goes both ways!)


My wonderful sister A has asked me to do a post for her Sunday Kind of Love series, and as the guest bloggers before me have said – it’s truly intimidating! From the beginning of our.. sisterhood.. I’ve always had my sister for inspiration for anything fashion, art, or music related. You’ll find a lot of the same music on our iPods, a few of the same key pieces in our wardrobes, and we will never be at a loss for words when talking about art or upcoming designers. However, A was blessed with the fashionable genes in our family, so most of my time is spent relentlessly trying to catch up with her ever changing, always wonderful style. Reading her blog, I’ve come to know the general style of her Sunday posts, and she helped me along by saying that it is easiest if you choose a theme. Trudging through December is an annual task full of exams, crazed coworkers, and most unfortunately, snow. As our “Snowmaggedon” fell upon us, I chose to do a post about those simple things that we drift off thinking of amidst the Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/etc insanity. Without further adieu, here’s December Daydreaming.

mailgooglecom{Throughout my year and a half of observation, I have yet to find one of Elkie Vanstiphout’s photographs that I don’t love. Find her here.}

mailgooglecom1{I stumbled upon Erika A on Lookbook one day, and haven’t stopped going back since!}

mailgooglecom2{I’m not sure where I found this bowl, but it’s been bookmarked for a while. With any luck, this beautiful Oleander bowl from Crate and Barrel will one day adorn the foyer of the home I do not own (yet!).}

mailgooglecom3{I seldom wear more jewelry than a ring our father bought for each of us, but when I do, there is a big chance that it’s Pyrrha. A and I share a common love for these stamp necklaces.}

mailgooglecom4{Since flipping through a Martha cookbook – a love that A and I share – one Sunday afternoon, I have had a fixation on making these delightfully colored, scrumptious looking grapefruit sandwich cookies. They look even better in the book!}

mailgooglecom5{Had to share one last thing – Oklahoma City’s finest “The Ugly Suit”. They sing a great tune called “Chicago” that I found via Stereogum. Great site, great band! Check them both out here.}


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3 responses to “A Sunday Kind of Love – Sister Edition!

  1. That bowl is gorgeous! Though not particularly useful-looking. Oh, maybe for fruit?

  2. Carlynn

    M,I love Pyrrha, too! All my oohing and ahhing in Nokomis must have finally paid off because I found the Harp & Crown Crest necklace under the tree and have not taken it off since. So beautiful.

  3. fran

    you’re completely right. that girl, erika a, is stunning. and she has the most perfect hair! how do people do that?
    i like that your dad gave you all rings too. they must be special to you.

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