I think they call it pancake butt.

{From Daggie}

{From Daggie}

Alright, lets just hop on the straight talk express and ride to honest-ville for a second.

It may come as a shock to you, but I’m really not the agent of instigation here at the M&F household. Case in point? After coming home from work today at 1, I stepped over my luggage in the front hall (from which I have removed only my makeup and makeup remover) popped the bottle of red that J left me for a welcome home, and firmly planted myself on the couch. 5 and a half hours ago.

I removed myself from said couch only after I had fallen into some sort of TV coma ( pseudo- sleeping through Law and Order and waking up to Oprah yapping at me) and realizing that in the past 24 hours I’ve had red wine, chocolate covered almonds and a peanut butter, cheese and pickle sandwich. And 4 coffees. So I prepared myself against the bitter nasty cold (which took me 20 minutes since I sat down in the kitchen to yawn and inspect a new freckle) and wandered to the grocery store.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am perfectly capable of motivating myself, but it’s far more effective when J is here. And I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have been wandering the isles of the grocery store with three chicken pot pies and a box of pineapple juice. This was the choice preferable to Lunchables, which I won’t lie, I looked at for a good long while. The guy behind me in line at the cash looked at me like I was either a serial killer or the loneliest girl in the world. “Swansons: The Catcher in the Rye of Pot Pies.” *sigh*

Aaaaand now I’m back on the couch drinking said pineapple juice and heating up my chicken pot pie and thinking I really need a pair of stretchy pants to lounge in. Lounging pants if you will. With spill repellent.. Brilliant. Anti-motivation pants…

J…Come home. I’m growing roots.

(Thanks for commenting folks. Makes me all tingly in my Lunchable loving heart. )


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6 responses to “I think they call it pancake butt.

  1. nanu

    Glad I am not the only pancake butt either. My lover is in England still and I haven’t put my suitcase away yet–it’s been a week. 😦

  2. I totally had a lunchable (singular?) for the first time ever today. It was the last thing in the vending machine. Those crackers are delish, but the rest was a bit sad-tasting. Be glad you skipped it.

  3. I am completely in the same boat! Thankfully for me, Jesse is a very motivated morning person – it does get me moving a lot more than I would normally.

    Your line about swansons is epic, I have a new favourite blog – thank you! =)

  4. Are you the fly on the wall in my apartment? This is me right down to the two items I’ve removed from my suitcase since coming home from Christmas holidays. Love it!

  5. sabby

    Hmmm…. maybe if we finally ventured East to visit his family for the holidays I’d finally have an excuse for being so lazy. Y’know, to rest from all that go-go-go action. No excuse, but I’ve been lazy this whole break. Pancake butt is right!

  6. I feel like this is something I want to develop…just set awhile. I haven’t had that for such a long time…

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