Today has been a little bit of an odd day, involving a conversation that went like this –

Me – “I’m afraid of getting married. No. I’m afraid of getting divorced. It seems like an awful lot to go through to not be married anymore.”         

J-  “Don’t worry, we’ll just be together.”                                                                    

Me – “That’s what I was thinking! Then we don’t have to worry about getting divorced. We’ll just be together for ever and we don’t have to plan a wedding.”             

 J- “NOT what I meant. That is lame.You are going to wear a dress and marry me. Besides, divorces are expensive. Let’s face it. You’d have an accident.”

Oh, if it weren’t for his disarming grin…

Then, after reading this, I became very certain that yes, I do want to marry J, lest I have to resort to advertising on Craigslist as having bedroom eyes, being financially stable, and looking for somebody to cook, because I don’t. And offering free rent as an incentive (as if his hot oil massages weren’t enough!).


I’m getting sick, which is not exactly the route I wanted to be taking when I go back to school tomorrow, but I didn’t have a map when left “I feel Awesome and Sexy and Overfed Town” and apparently took a detour to “Free zits and Nausea Ville”.  Yup. So, my lovelies, ends our Christmas break, with zits and buttertart breath. Hallelujah.



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4 responses to “Oddity.

  1. Sorry it’s coming to an end. I have to return to work tomorrow as well. I’m not happy about it. Keep an eye out for accidents… 🙂

  2. Oh yes, and ads like that one are why I LOVE Craigslist!!!

  3. I am pro-courthouse marriages! lol What is better than just going out for lunch after you get married?

    The Missed Connections section of craigslist is fascinating and horrifying – don’t wade in too deep…

  4. “long beautiful white groatee to my stomach” [sic]

    Delicious! Ha.

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