Monday Must Have


{Made By Elves. Literally. }

Yes my lovelies, it is Monday. Which means a) massive worldwide groan as we attempt to put on our post-holiday pants b) the resumption of post-work Happy Hour c) Monday Must Have returns from a holiday hiatus! I didn’t tell you I was going on hiatus? I’m tricky like that. So I’m offering up these gorgeous buttery boots from Urban Outfitters that I would decidedly peg my pants for. Enjoy.


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2 responses to “Monday Must Have

  1. What a fun day-themed post. I groaned ALL day long about being back to work. Ugh. Is it bad that I’m already looking forward to Friday?

  2. mieletcannelle

    It most certainly is not bad. Not only am I looking forward to Friday Ashley, I’m considering posting a countdown clock to Spring Break. And then one to retirement.

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