Party Inspiration…Bribe. It’s a Bribe.

Oh my lovelies.. I am sick. I’m all hot, then I’m cold, and I’m achy and I sort of smell like Greek Pizza. Staying healthy between the school, work and this god-forsaken cold (my eyelashes froze to my toque. Froze to my toque) is sort of like thumb wrestling a friggin’ starfish. Hopeless, and you smell weird. Coupled with the fact that my chin is going through mitosis and attempting to grow a new chin (seriously.. this zit is almostawe inspiring.. if it wasn’t so damn tragic) I’m seriously contemplating just giving up and responding to the “I just want to touch your feet” ads on Craigslist for money.

So I’ve been lethargically surfing the internet (or is that just redundant..) and looking for things to raise my spirits. And low and behold, you never disappoint. (Well, that’s not true. The first time EVER I surfed the internet, way back when it really was a series of tubes, before we had parental blocks and safe surfing, I looked up “The Little Rascals” for a school project. Then my mom looked up “dark chocolate muffins”. At a very young age I knew way too much about naked black men know. Little Rascals. But I suppose there is a debate over whether that is truly disappointing. And I still can’t eat a chocolate muffin without blushing. Regression over.) SO. Here are some colorful little party inspirations for our gloomy winter days. Immune system: If you persevere, these are for you.


{Erika Svensson}


{Posie Gets Cozy!}


{Martha Stewart}


{this lady leads a fabulous life… niotillfem}



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4 responses to “Party Inspiration…Bribe. It’s a Bribe.

  1. Get well soon! And stay towards the shallow end of the intertubes… 🙂

  2. I love every single thing about this post. Especially the sprinkles.

    And I know what you mean about smelling weird. I’m sick right now, too, and it’s icky. Plus, is it just me, or does your hair get flatter/limper when you’re sick? This seems improbable, but I swear it’s always my first symptom…

  3. mieletcannelle

    Thank god I’m not the only one. It’s like my hair is the first thing to give up. “Hair: Barometer of the Immune System. A Study by Herbal Essences and the AMA.”

  4. Being sick is always horrible – I end up pawing at my foreign fashion magazines when I’m like that, they’re always full of beautiful day dreamy pictures that can make me feel better.

    Feel better!

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