It Was A Bingo Card. Shame.

Seriously lovers and lovettes, if you took Elizabeth Taylor off her medication and gave her a lot of gin and some stilts… that would have been my day. Not all White Diamonds and violet eyes, but up and down and up and down until I was all Malice in Wonderland.

I’m still not over my cold, so I had the delightful task of removing my hair, piece by drool hardened piece, off of my pillow this morning. See, yesterday I didn’t get that quite in time and ripped a big howling chunk out after I’d been mouth breathing all night, which doesn’t exactly start my day out..well. So today, after successfully extricating myself from a 300 count trap of alopecia, you’d think things would be looking up. Instead, I step out into the -35 weather to attend my classes, which include, but aren’t limited to, a god-forsaken French 112 class held by a woman trying (I can only imagine) to give a lifelong artistic impression of a sausage. Or, alternately, really really likes super tight pale pink sweater dresses.

After said excersise in meat rendering, I went to buy my biology text book. For 130$. But joy of joys, there is a sign! A student, a poor student, is circumventing the entire biblio-mob, and selling their text book! For 50$! So I promptly call her, meet her, and buy it…only to discover after she had mysteriously dissapeared that she was only a capo of said mob, and had given me the wrong edition. To wit, I tracked her down and killed her. Just joking. I tracked her down and got my 50$ back. And bought a doughnut and a mechanical pen.

And realized I lost my beautiful brown leather gloves that I’d gotten for Christmas.


However, I did catch a bus without having to wait in the cold for long, which is always nice. I had a little bit of money left on my Starbucks gift card so I bought the incredible “Apple Chai”, which allowed me to use my very last ten dollars at the grocery store! Yay! Pot pies for everyone because they were only a DOLLAR. Which means that after I stocked up on dinner for the next week I had enough for a scratch ticket, because I am turning into a 65 year old woman.

A 65 year old woman that walks on stilts and drinks gin. Call me Liz.

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One response to “It Was A Bingo Card. Shame.

  1. yum, i love a good pot pie. mmm.
    so sorry about the gloves taking one for the team. sucks!

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