A little fantasy..

Oh dears. I’ve been playing out this little fantasy today where I’m not living in this horrible cold, but instead in some beautiful warm little seaside town where I can walk about barefeet all day and make ceviche and stick flowers in my hair, and I only ever wear beautiful long skirts, sell pies for a living, and take pictures to be amassed in a box and discovered and printed in an anthology long after I die. Instead, I’ve been living through my computer screen collecting little bits of inspiration. Thought I’d share with all of you in similar states of winter-weariness.


{Mrs. French might very well be one of my absolute favorite bloggers. I check in here a few times a day and always just feel dazzled not only by her picks, but by her beautiful work. Even J expressed his due manly appreciation for her incredible eye and skill, thus I received a sweet little handmade gift certificate from him (see: cue card with curlices and smily faces) for 30$ on Etsy… for a piece of her work! Check out her blog here, and her Etsy Shop here. There are very few bloggers out there that consistently make me feel that there are good and honest things afoot, and she always makes me smile. Keep an eye out for her work appearing at Urban Outfitters too!}


{These incredible pieces by Elly Wall seem at the same time wonderfully contemporary and seemingly anthropological. I would love to have a number of these set on a beautiful old wooden kitchen table. Can you tell that I don’t have children? *smile*}

il_430xn45995813{I am head over heels for all of the jewellery in Bungalow’s shop.. I would love this incredible piece.. and this one..and this on… this could be dangerous…Added bonus, the model in all the pictures is absolutely stunning!}

{This sweet treat is also on it’s way to my mailbox in the near future – Jenifer Altman, Omaha photographer extraordinaire, also has a truly inspiring blog here, which never leaves me without new music/smiles/inspiration.}


{I’m loving these vermeil rings from Layla Grayce, they are so organic and fluid. The whole stacking ring trend has run amok lately, and these are just so simple and stately, I couldn’t resist.. (but did, don’t worry J. We’ll live to eat another day.) }

Alright my dearests, time for me to sign off. Hope you all enjoyed the little things that have been keeping me from committing snowicide. It is not to say that I don’t love winter in instances – there is a park by our house intersected with landing lights for the local airfield, and when they light up at night, illuminating the snow, I get tears in my eyes and smile like an idiot on the bus. No wonder nobody sits by me. I’m hoping that my sister will brave the cold with me to wait for them to light up to catch some photos. ‘Till I see you in my seaside town my lovelies.. or until tomorrow!

ps – Exciting things happening here this Sunday, please stay tuned for a little surprise!


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7 responses to “A little fantasy..

  1. “…make ceviche and stick flowers in my hair, and I only ever wear beautiful long skirts, sell pies for a living, and take pictures to be amassed in a box and discovered and printed in an anthology long after I die.”

    This is a fantasy. I’ll take one please. 🙂

  2. Ummmm… seaside town? Ceviche? Flowers in my hair? Yes, please!

  3. oh i loved reading your little fantasy!
    it made me very happy inside:]

    p.s. thank you for your lovely comment!

  4. ….and, now I’m daydreaming.

  5. I completely understand your need to keep from committing snowicide.

    It was nice to be transported away into your lovely fantasy for a moment, while my denim-clad legs are slowly, slowly thawing from the short, albeit cold jaunt to work.

  6. fran

    i’ve got two things to admit: the first is that when i first glanced at it, i thought that the first picture was of three, pretty, yellow little bombs.
    the second is, i don’t have a clue what ceviche is? what is it? is it edible because it sounds like something i want to buy in a parisian patisserie?

  7. f.B

    enjoy the glimpses of runway-lit snow. in DC, i haven’t seen more than flurries in… well, it’ll be 6 years come inauguration day. i smiled like an idiot at it, too, then

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