A Sunday Kind of Love – fishing for beautiful edition

Hello lovely miel et cannelle readers – it’s nice to meet you. A. kindly asked me over here to do this Sunday’s love. So I invited her right back… if you’re missing her pop over to fishing for beautiful, my usual blogging home, where she’ll be posting today!

But in the meantime I’m here for this Sunday’s edition. Over this week I’ve put my brain on and rolled my eyes left and right and decided to do something really easy and simple. Sticking to a theme. A theme that you all know well and have seen a million times before – but, if you’re anything like me, can come back to again and again. Given the title of this blog I’m hoping and praying it will go down well.

Basically, it is everything Frenchy. Everything too cool for school, everything feminine (or masculine feminine), everything pink and glittery. Enjoy it!

{Une Belle Personne. A film I’ve been desperate to see since I saw the lead actress in this blog post. It just looks so moody and delicious. Since it’s based on a novel, I would feel as though I had done something worthwhile and literary just by watching it. I could even say it helped me learn more French, couldn’t I? I really can’t think of a better way to procrastinate some time away. If you’ve seen it, tell me! If it’s any good, tell me! And if it’s rubbish… well, don’t tell me that, it will only dash my hopes.}

{Laduree. Oh my, do I love Laduree. It is the most wonderful creation ever. I’ve been twice to Laduree Bonaparte in Paris. The first time, I had the Ispahan macaron (that’s that bright pink thing there), which was rose flavoured, with raspberries and lychees, and the Marie Antoinette tea. The second time I had the Ispahan again – because it was perfection and I couldn’t bear the idea of ordering something else and being disappointed – and violet tea. If you haven’t experienced Laduree yet, and can’t quite make it to Paris, check out Paris Breakfasts to visually gorge yourself.}

{Speaking of Marie Antoinette, this film is an ABSOLUTE must-see. Really. And if you haven’t seen it go and get it out now. You won’t regret it. Along with Baz Lhurman’s Romeo and Juliet, this is the one film that has influenced me more than any other. The soundtrack is a stroke of genius, the costumes are divinely gorgeous, and the actors and actresses are all stunning and talented. It’s just so much inspiration squeezed into two-ish hours you’ll get shell-shock.}

{If all this frenchiness has inspired you and you want to look the part, head to Manoush. I came across this (as with so many other things) on une fille comme moi and the whole look was instantly spell-binding. The winter collection is like something out of a fairy tale (the snow queen?), magical and eerie and quirky. Also, I just love the sound of the french:

On mixe, on se fait plaisir, on flirte avec le kitsch et le clinquant… c’est comme cela que l’on plait aux autres.

Le chic parfait est decidemment trop ennuyeux. la fille manoush a gardé la curiosite des petites filles qui vont fouiller dans le vestiaire des grandes. Fragile et drôle, enfantine et fantasque, elle a un charme fou.

Gorgeous, non?}

{One of my favourite musicians of all time is the very crazy, very multi-talented, very french Camille. My sister discovered her late one night, when she woke up listening to this mad and brilliant song on the cultural show on BBC Radio 4. She immediately bought the album, without listening to another minute. Because Camille is just wonderful, and once you’re hooked on her sound, you do rash things like that. Go here to see her site and here to listen to something of hers. I think it might be a Marmite thing, you know, you either hate it or love it. So if you like her, spread the word!}

{Have you read it? If you haven’t, go read it. The most disgusting, fascinating, beautiful, gorgeous, revolting novel. You finish it not quite knowing what to think. It’s based in France, and begins in Paris, and describes the sights (or rather, the smells) of a long-ago France so perfectly you actually are there. Amazing.}

Right! That’s it. Six is the magic number. Thanks for having me, guys! It’s been an honour and I’ve loved doing it!


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6 responses to “A Sunday Kind of Love – fishing for beautiful edition

  1. katie-kate

    merci fran! j’espere que tu passes un bon dimanche xxx

  2. Wonderful list – all great finds. Thank you!

  3. O beautiful. I have read Perfume, and it is a strangely terrifying and beautiful novel…

  4. I agree – it’s a hard book to call a “favorite” but it is so incredible…

  5. I guess La Vie en Rose, and Edith Piaf have already been mentioned before huh?

    I have tucked this blog into my favourites, love these links and hope there will be more. Off to your blog now. 🙂

  6. fran

    Weirdly, I really hated la vie en rose! Although I do like edith piaf herself. Thanks for the lovely comments, everyone!
    fran x

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