All things awesome and fabulous.

I’m fully aware that I totally skipped out on all scheduled posting this week. I suck. So I thought I’d make Friday a mish mash of awesome. Because awesome is the direction I’m hoping we head in this weekend! xo

il_430xn19191285{I’m on the hunt for a new tote, and this beautiful bag from Jill Bent is definitely tickling my fancy. Constructed from vintage ticking, it’s the perfect size for books and sketchbooks. PS – She’s offering 20% off until the 18th!}

clubmon{*sigh* I just tried this on today, and it’s pretty much the only leather jacket that doesn’t make me look like I need a mullet or a Budweiser tattoo. It is also far too expensive. Which does not keep me from going into Club Monaco and holding and cuddling it like the cute newborn baby calf it was made from. Sorry.*sigh*}

il_fullxfull51946276{I cannot get over these gorgeous photos from Jared Douglas Martin. I keep going back to look at them over and over. I think I might squirrel my pennies away for this baby.}

6a00e0098c41018833010536a3b08f970b{I do NOT like mustaches. In fact, I think I’m going to start a No Mo Mo’s Club dedicated to the eradication of the lip sweater. HOWEVER, I will make an exception for these fabulous gloves from Jack Spade, discovered via HI+LOW.}


{These pieces from Foudre Blanche are funky and strange . I think they would be beautiful with a plain black sweater dress or a fitter lumberjack shirt and heels. Best part? It’s only 16$…}

See, I told you it was a mish mash. Hope that you all have a wonderful Friday! xo




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7 responses to “All things awesome and fabulous.

  1. I totally agree with you on the topic of mustaches…I ran into a friend today who’s sporting some particularly, well, “interesting” facial hair- I had trouble looking him in the face without throwing up haha

  2. brookem

    ha, i love those gloves. awesome.

    happy weekend!

  3. The Boy had a grotesque, sad excuse for a goatee when we started dating. Thankfully, he’s come to terms with the fact that facial hair isn’t for him. It’s definitely helped our relationship. Ha.

  4. riceandpeace

    Thank you for the kind comment on my blog. It means a lot to me to know someone is thinking of me.
    I also really like the Jared Douglas Martin photos 🙂

  5. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I like your style and I totally fell in love with the Jared Douglas Martin photo as well, stunning.

  6. Carlynn

    The birthday cake/fish doesn’t do it for me, babe. Sorry. No dice. BUT!!! Check out this hilarious Boston artisan’s evil genius mustache scarf hahahaha. This would be the only mustache I would endorse.

  7. don’t say no to ‘staches until your bf grows a reverse Hitler. Oy. 😀

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