A Sunday Kind of Love – Be Mine Valentine

Happy Sunday Everyone! It is a balmy 13 degrees here today (I know. So thrilled!) which is really helping with the fact that I took the phrase “You’re not driving tonight anyways, so go ahead!” to heart at the pub yesterday evening. (Hint guys: what am I going to do if I was the designated driver? Put you on my friggin’ handlebars? I ride a bicyle or the proletariat chariot bus for god sakes…) *sigh* When will I learn that me+beers+9am = sadface? IT’S BASIC MATH.

Even the taste of stale beer will not dissuade me this morning dear readers, even if I am at work and have already succumbed to the pleasures of McDonalds. (Which brings up this query – what kind of a McDonalds is hazy with pot smoke at 8:45am on a Sunday morning and has already run out of ketchup? Answer: my kind of McDonalds.) I’m not a big Valentines day person, pink and red do not appeal to any of my design sensabilities save the one where I imagine I am an Exotic Dancer named SweetPea Johnson. Does anyone remember that game? You put your first pet and your mothers maiden name and you get your dancing name? Why was this a game we played? HOWEVER, I’m kinda in the mood this year for Valentines, so here is a Be Mine Valentine Sunday Kind of Love for you. (Which has already, if you count ’em, references to all the things that truly make love work: beer, late nights, public transportation, McDonalds, pot smoke and exotic dancing.)

valentine{These only sorta beat the card I once got with a picture of mustache and a hotdog and the words “Nuff Said” on it. Clockwise from the top… 1.Simple Song Designs 2. Michelle Brusegaard 3. Two Savvy Sisters  4. SusyJack}


{The best compendium of images to make you go “awwwhhhh” and then proceed to wonder why exactly a)your love life isn’t as photogenic and b) why one of you always looks like you’re having a stroke when you’re trying to look sexy. (see: me) If none of those things happen to you.. proceed to Le Love and revel in the joy of being the 1% of people that have photogenic nipples.}


{I’m taking a Philosophy course -(Decision Theory. Don’t ever take this when you have decisions to make in your life, or have ever made a decision in your life prior. The phrase “a rational agent would not choose a b or c” is going to haunt me) and in said course there is an equation for making anything and everything quantifiable. So, for instance, you can compare apples and oranges. Or, your love and MacBooks. Paperwhite studios started a beautiful little project I Love You More Than Blank for people to do just that. Send in your submission! Via SwissMiss


{I can buy my own fancy schmancy panties. But if somebody were to take on that horrific task (mayhap the person who told me if I really need clean underwear he’d get up early and do laundry.. which is when I realised that putting “really need” in front of a sentence about clean underwear is mildly redundant..) I would like a pair of these bespoke bloomers from Loulou Loves You. Take that Hanes. Take that embarrassing pair of underwear that doubles as a tourniquet and eye patch but not underwear..)


{Just in case you thought I was going all soft on you and Valentines Day (for serious – same initials as Venereal Disease) you should definately check out A Beautiful Revolution. Andre Jordan alternately makes me laugh, cry and shout “it’s totally like that” at my computer. Love Poems and The Girl I Love With All My Heart are so sad, so funny and so…totally like that.}


{Life Magazine has an incredible online catalogue of published and unpublished images that are so utterly addictive to click through. For our Sunday Love purposes, check out the Woodstock photos. I couldn’t select just one, so here’s another. Can you imagine finding these photos so many years later? Beautiful. }


Alright folks, I feel sappy enough now. Also, a little quesy, but that could be because I just ate something that looked like a BLT Bagel but smelled slightly like a girls dormitory and enjoyed it. Hmm. Love makes you do funny things see. Also: I really like farming Sunday Kind of Love posts out to far more creative and interesting people than yours truly, so if you feel/want/have free time and are interested in doing a Sunday post, let me know at the email way up top. Have a lovely Sunday y’all!



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7 responses to “A Sunday Kind of Love – Be Mine Valentine

  1. hahaha! “tourniquet and eye patch”! I totally have the same pair!

  2. OMG, I love this post! Especially the etsy Valentine’s Day things. Not that I’m terribly big on the holiday (and not that I will be doing anything seeing I have to work), but still.

  3. Oh beautiful – thank you and happy pre-Valentines!

  4. I swear, everything that Simple Song does I want to buy. I adore that library Valentine’s day card.

  5. j

    yer hilarious. like, always. well, not when. well, like, really often.
    i’m a sucker. i love all this stuff here. i’m always into cutesy riffs on magritte’s ceci n’est pas something something.

  6. I’m a little slow and didn’t see this until now, but I feel the need to comment anyway. As soon as I have time to bum around the Internet at work (more than usual) I will check out all of these fabulous links. Everything is so lovely.


  7. Things to do with your sewing machine:



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