Signs of Spring

img_0021-pola{That would be my fantastic new cloche hat..and.. if you look very closely readers.. the first pictures of my new nose piercing. Yay! (By new I mean 3 weeks or so..)}

img_0032-pola{The beautiful tulips I bought on Saturday}


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16 responses to “Signs of Spring

  1. Love the hat! And the nose ring (and I’m not just biased because I have one too). You, my dear, are beautiful.

  2. Tim

    you haven’t always had a nose ring??

    if so, it suits you so well, it’s almost natural.

  3. brookem

    what a cute hat! love the color. and the nose ring. (and like elle bee, not just because i have one too… it really suits you!)

  4. Oh beautiful!

    You’re gorgeous – and I love the piercing! Isn’t it brutal to have done though? I’ve had mine pierced three times, it grew in once and when I had it re-done I knew how much it hurt so I jerked away and they had to re-pierce it.


    I’m not letting it grow in again!

  5. j

    yer gorgeous. love that blue.

  6. That hat is adorable.

  7. aquietlight

    You look lovely! This inspired me to pick up some ‘spring things’ – orange tulips and pussy willows at lunch!

  8. p.

    I have been to hell and back and yes, hell has white sands and full of fucking palm trees. You look darling in the cloche… you have thay way ’bout you. *s* See you soon?

  9. That hat is spectacular! Several of my hats are sitting beside me on their shelf and they are all very jealous.
    I would be honoured to write A Sunday Kind of Love post for you! I know I’ve read them before, but is there any kind of criteria or formula you typically follow?

  10. You’re hat is too cool! I wish I were cute in a hat 😦

  11. Wonderful hat, sexy nose ring. And you’re quite easy on the eyes as well.

  12. Kyla – Oh my lord it was horrible. I have my lip pierced too (which you can sort of see) and even though it was 7 years ago I can’t remember it hurting as much as the nose. What a nasty piercing..
    Brookem/ElleBee – Does everyone have these? It was the first thing I ever wanted to pierce, but the last thing I got done. Lovin’ it.
    Tim – Nope, it’s new! Nobody realizes, everyone thinks it’s been there forever.. which I think is a good sign!
    P – I heard you were sick doll – I’m so sorry! I hope to see you soon? My sister gets here on the 25th – is there a jam we can attend around there?
    Errant – *blush*
    Alex – Glad I inspired.. are you guys out of the cold weather yet?
    All – Thank you! Glad the hats a hit.. I was so nervous..

  13. I also wanted it forever, but waited until I was at least a year into my job to get it (since the Mothership was always “you’ll never get a job anywhere with a HOLE IN YOUR FACE!”). And then no one really noticed. Mine didn’t hurt too bad, and it didn’t bleed, which was awesome. Not as bad as others that I’ve had, but worse than the tongue for sure.

  14. Love the hat! I want to get a nose ring but I’m kinda too scared to. I have a big nose and I feel like I shouldn’t attract attention to it. Jealous!

  15. This post makes me smile. The new hat and the nose piercing both look lovely. And the tulips are so springy!

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