3 Conversations


A: I’ve written the start of Obama’s inauguration speech.

J: Really? Lets hear it.

A: Gimme a beat!

J: *complies*

A : Now this is the story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down, I’d like to take a minute just sit right there, I’ll tell you all about how I’m going to save this country from economic and moral implosion.

J: *Silence*


A: I don’t feel very good. Like, regular not good. Not sparkly lady parts not good.

J: Do you know why you don’t feel well?

A: No… Do you..?

J: You have only eaten chicken pot pies for a week. Do you know what your stomach is telling you?

A: No… Do you..?



(L is the 4 foot tall 20 year old security guard at my work who talks to herself and actually falls down a lot. She was furiously typing away at a computer and wouldn’t let anyone see…)

A: Hey L! What’re you writing back here hey? Erotic fiction? *chuckle*

L: Well.. not erroooticc fiction…

A: *silence*



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6 responses to “3 Conversations

  1. LOL The first conversation made me laugh out loud in my little deserted office space. That was *amazing*.

    I love that you post so much, you’re one of my favorites.

  2. N

    Conversation 1 made both K and I laugh out loud. When I read the second, tears were running down my face I was laughing so hard.


    chicken pot pies..

  4. I hired her to write Part IV. Listen, times are tough.

    Also, chicken pot pies are delish, so tell J to stop hatin’.

  5. I know. Though I used to make 7 different meals a week. Now I make 7 different salad dressings to go with the main course. Chicken pot pie. Sometimes I switch it up. Turkey is good too..

  6. As you professed to knowing/singing “Fresh Prince of Belair” …you are now even cooler than I officially thought. Way to go.

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