Marry Me Penelope Tree

I’m so so loving Penelope Tree right now. She inspires me to wear well tailored black pants and immaculate bangs. How does she do that. Mine would be sticking out at 90 degree angles and I would permanently look like I was pitching forward. Which isn’t too far off from what I’m usually doing.. but still.

tree-001{From Dec. 08 French Vogue)

penelope-tree-richard-avedon{from Richard Avedon}

dress-001{Dec. 08 French Vogue}



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4 responses to “Marry Me Penelope Tree

  1. Ah, I want those bangs. I’ve been collecting pictures of bangs like her to take with me to my hair guy’s…

  2. Just jumped here from rosetung.
    Great site. Rich photography. Love it!

  3. wheee! my it girl doppelganger!

  4. p

    i have two words for E.T.’s waif cousin up top there, “waterproof mascara”… and meat, i’d like to add the word meat… accompanied by “EAT SOME!!” jesus… what jewelery? all i see a cry for help… and a call for MEAT!

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