this is not funny.



Titles I was trying out for this post:

It’s So Cold, I Have More Layers on than both Olsen’s!

It’s So Cold, pickpockets just want to warm their hands in my pockets!

It’s So Cold, a black man was elected president!

Then I realised none of these were funny, because in reality I had to put the chicken in the fridge for it to thaw.

(addendum – apparently somebody doesn’t read enough to know my nod to Obama was in support and left me a nasty comment. My apologies if you took it the wrong way – but grow up. Hell froze over for some hill billy republicans on the 20th. And so did my chicken. 😉



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6 responses to “this is not funny.

  1. I feel the chicken’s pain.

  2. “It’s So Cold, I Have More Layers on than both Olsen’s!”

    Hah. LOVE.

  3. sabby

    I felt so bad for this kid I saw on the bus today. He obviously a)didn’t get the memo that winter’s back for round 2 and b)doesn’t have parents who love him enough to force a winter coat onto him. He was almost blue from freezing!

    I say let’s all pick up and leave for anywhere with beaches and drinks with umbrellas in them. And cabana boys.

  4. I saw a guy in shorts yesterday. I just… have no idea.

  5. Undergrads here make it a contest to see who can wear the least in winter. I guess?

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