Friday Delights!

img_0035-pola{Have I told you how much I love Value Village lately? Because I do. I had to fight..well.. jostle an old lady for this beautiful tiered platter, and it was so worth it! The top -which you can’t see- looks like a little tulip. Wee!}

img_0033-pola{There has been a pastry pas-de-deux at our local farmers market, and the Queen of Tarts has cut into Mom’s Pies dance, let me tell you. This blackberry pear frangipane was incredible, I almost had to tussel with Jared. Elle- if you have a chance, check her out. Her brownies almost put me into diabetic shock. In a good way.}



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5 responses to “Friday Delights!

  1. Mmmm. This looks so tasty. Is this from the Farmer’s Market on Whyte?

  2. Oh, I am lusting after that dessert platter! I’d fight off the entire red-hat brigade for that one.

  3. Oh my goodness! That blackberry pear frangipane looks incredible!

  4. Elle – Yeah! The one in old Strathcona. I love that place.. With all the samples, it’s totally an option for weekend breakfast. You know. If you’re cheap like us!
    Sarah – Your comment made me laugh coffee all over myself. Our Value Village is a treasure. Being in AB everyone thinks they are too high brow for it – ergo, I win.
    Good Girl/EP – Seriously Yum. Exponentially yum.

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