Happy Friday!

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Happy Friday lovelies! We made it! It’s been a totally average, even pleasant week, with little to no strife (save Grey’s Anatomy, which I never watch, and by never watch I mean I haven’t missed it in the past month.. and every time it comes on I say “Oh NO!” and end up a big crying mess. But seriously, I totally knew she had a tumor or something). But apart from that, it was completely lovely.

I’m very much looking forward to my weekend! My sister gets here on Sunday, which is very exciting, and would be more exciting if the heat in our apartment was fully functioning. “Hey M. Yeah.. I’m just going to put these mittens on you before we go inside.. oh.. no reason… ” Is anyone doing anything interesting this weekend? Or not interesting? I’m looking for books to read that aren’t academia oriented.. does anyone have any suggestions? Have a lovely weekend everyone -stay tuned Sunday, my pleas for intersting and talented bloggers has been answered, and we have a fabulous guest this weekend!




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6 responses to “Happy Friday!

  1. Hooray for making it through the week. Grey’s Anatomy totally reduces me to a big, sobbing mess. I also saw the tumor/Izzy’s sick thing coming. It’s her revenge for pissing off the writers by turning down an awards nomination for last season. Whoops!

    So exciting about the sister visit! I’m reading Chuck Palahniuk’s “Stranger than Fiction” right now, it’s light little true stories about weird things, like sex festivals and combine derbies and men in the US building castles. And his commentary on writing and the isolated life of the writer is pretty interesting. It’s easily digestible.

  2. Tim

    you have enough time for a book that isn’t academia related? I’m impressed/jealous

  3. i haven’t watched grey’s yet so im not going to be able to talk much about it…. (though i heard about the silly tumor..).

    happy friday to you! three posts in one day! you’re hard to keep up with, woman!

  4. I stopped watching Grey’s a while ago because it always left me really upset. And because it shares a time slot with The Office. *shrugs* I can totally understand, though.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  5. j

    The first book that comes to mind is Goodbye Chunky Rice by Craig Thompson.
    A sweet, sentimental graphic novel. So it’s easy and fast, easy to mix in with academic stuff.
    I’ve gifted it to a # of friends I was missing because they were far away or they were dealing with a loss. Everyone goes crazy for it.
    (And I’m quite picky about the cute, sentimental graphic novels. That sounds funny, but I mean it. I take my cute sentimental comix verrry seriously!)

  6. Elle – I totally agree, she’s toast. J hates watching with me.. he mutters things like “cue swelling indie music.. cue tears…”
    Tim – Absolutely not. But if I don’t read something, anything, other than texts on estrangement, I might kill myself.
    brookem – yup, sometimes I just can’t hold back from blabbering. You should meet me. It’s ridic. (I’m trying out ridic. I don’t think I like it.)
    E.P. – It’s usually a toss up on whatever I surf past first. And once I’m invested in Grey’s.. what can I do? Well.. what I do is watch the office online the next day. *laugh*
    j- Thank god somebody else is discerning. We have a lot.. cue nerdiness… of graphic novels. And now I can look for your suggestion!!

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