The post where you think I’m a whiny, horrible person.

So I’ve been mulling this problem over in my head the past little while, and I can’t quite come up with a solution that doesn’t involve a lot of hair pulling, seething anger and vindictiveness. And maybe duct tape. *sigh* So I figure, when you have a blogger problem, you turn to bloggers right? Here is your chance to delurk my lovelies (I know you’re out there) and give me some advice here.

I love the blogger world – I love that we have beautiful, creative, interesting, smart, hilarious souls out there who never cease to amaze me. And when I find such lovely bloggers I like to chat with them, guest post, share ideas and agendas for conquering the universe and for goat cheese and pear tarts. (What, you’re going to conquer the earth on an empty stomach?) I feel honored that so many of you choose to stop by each day and share your thoughts with me, laugh at my silliness and offer amazing anecdotes and advice. So – what right do I have to complain? I’m not going to lie.. it’s been happening a fair bit lately that my photos, finds…*gulp* even one of my stories.. has shown up on other sites. With zero credit. Which is so silly! I mean, with blog stats, location, track back, pings.. etc… you know? Somebody I know jacked a photo and is actually using it to promo themselves as a “professional” photographer. Guys… what do I do? I feel sick about it. The internet is such an organic, beautiful place where we can adapt and adopt and move at light speed, and sometimes I feel like I have no right to lay claim to it.. and sometimes I want to scream and pull my hair! This is to say, of course, thank you to each and every one of you who always always references, links and sites each other – you are a blessing and a delight to me and others! But really. What do I do?



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13 responses to “The post where you think I’m a whiny, horrible person.

  1. You’re not a whiny, horrible person at all. This is a legitimate concern. First of all, I’d try just contacting the person and letting them know that you’d like credit when they take your stuff. Sometimes, the mere fact that you noticed and said something will squash it.

    Other than that, I don’t know. There are legal things, I guess, but I’m not very knowledgable about them. Hopefully someone else will comment here and give you some advice.

    Good luck, miss. I hope this gets resolved.

  2. Ian C

    Make sure you attach a digital watermark (you can Google it if you need a how-to) to all your pictures you put up. It won’t prevent people from taking them, but it WILL prove in any debate as to whose it is. Kind of a cover your butt sort of thing.

    If anyone is linking directly to your blog pics rather than saving them and redisplaying, you can be a little funny and put a new, unsavoury or admonishing image with the same name in it’s place – then it’ll show on their site.

    Other than that, not much you can do but tmake direct contact with the offending party and tell them off (politely or not, I’d go with not), maybe threaten legal action (even if you don’t plan to follow through). Unfortunately this still happens to even the big sites.

    Good luck!

  3. nanu

    Did you shoot the picture? Then it’s yours. The other person is infringing on your copyright and you could technically take them to court over it. But I would get advice on that because copyright in Canada isn’t the same everywhere else when it comes to photographs.
    Another thing you could do is put a watermark on your photos. I know it takes away from the photo but it’s to protect yourself. Also, resize your images to 72dpi because that’s the resolution set for monitors. Make sure you change your dimensions as well.
    You could also write a letter to the person who has taken your photo as well, and ask them to either give you credit or take it down.
    As for the photographer using your image to promote themselves as a photographer, that is insane! They should know better. You could sue them big time over a photo like that because they are using it for promotion. Plus, they are advertising themselves falsely. I would spill the beans on that photographer. Who wants to hire a photog that can’t even take photos!?
    Hope this helps…good luck! I know how sucky it to see others take credit for your image (I’m a photog myself).

  4. ugh, that really sucks. like, one of your own pictures, that you took? im so sorry. you’re not whiny or complainy… you have a right to be upset.
    im not sure how to go about resolving it… im sorry that you even have to deal though.

  5. Are you serious???????

    How did you find out? I don’t think this has ever happened to me, but I have no idea. I’ve definitely heard of it happening to other bloggers.

    Have you tried asking the person to credit you? I’m really careful about crediting people for photos (and ONLY taking photos that are Creative Commons licensed), even though it sometimes disrupts the flow of my post to credit them. But I’ve noticed that a LOT of bloggers do not credit for photos. I’ve also seen bloggers quote other people without giving credit in an obvious way. I don’t think these bloggers are doing it maliciously, it probably just hasn’t occured to them. The internet’s a wild and woolly place!

    I’m sorry you’re going through this, my dear! If someone’s stealing my work, I’m not sure if I even want to know!

    p.s. I haven’t noticed– do you have a notice up on your blog that stealing’s bad and explaining how you’d like to be credited? That would be a good idea if not! All I have is a little “CC” thing at the bottom of the page.

  6. Sarah

    That’s so rotten! You need to slap one of these on your blog:
    I’d take Elle Bee’s advice to and call them on it if possible (in a friendly way of course).

  7. This just happened to another blogger I follow. People are so mean!

  8. N

    I will do some digging about, and even ask Sgt, but there is a program (I just can’t remember where) that allows for you to disable things like copy+past, and save target as, so that they can’t take your work without you giving them it. Also I just found a site that allows you to add a security feature to your photos, that when copy+pasted or saved it actually gives them a black square, or code sequence (in which you can change what comes up, like “Thief!”) Talk to you soon, Sgt and I will do some more digging. this is bull-pony and you deserve credit. Love you. N

  9. Gah!!!

    You are being way too nice about this, I think.

    The steps that I would take:

    1) E-mail the person, inform them that it’s your copywritten work and you would like them to link back to you underneath it with a (via) link or remove it completely. Most bloggers just assume that images are stock images I think, and take them without thinking about that they’re someone’s.

    2) If you aren’t replied to in 5 -7 days contact their host. Do a WHOIS query on them and contact their host informing them that they’re hosting stolen data on XYZ page, that you can prove ownership and the blog owner has been non-responsive in removing it. If your blog bandit won’t respond, normally the host will.

    A creative commons license is cute, but if people aren’t thinking it won’t help, and if the person is knowingly plagiarizing it won’t help either. You don’t need anything on your to prove your ownership or make it more illegal for people to steal from you. If it’s your image, your story, your words, it’s automatically yours.

    Good luck! And you’re not whiny. Most people fully flip out when this happens, and they have right to! =)

  10. Oh no! You definitely are NOT a horrible, whiny person for worrying about that. I cannot believe people are taking your work without crediting you, and that angers me for you. … I don’t know what can do, though. :/

  11. First – Holy cow guys. Thank you for making me feel so much better – I truly did feel like a lout, and a childish one at that. I kinda feel like this is a sandbox, and that I’m demanding my toys back. But I feel better now. *Sniffle*
    Ian – I don’t like the idea of watermarks (you can crop them! I look like a cow! It ruins my stuff and my experience!) but the rest is great.. thank you!
    Nanu – A really evil part of me thinks that I’ll just let them claim the photos, and then when they’re hired to do work it will become obvious that they aren’t what they advertised.. and they’ll shoot themselves in the foot there! Is that horrible or what?
    Brookem – Yup, photos that I took. Sad hey?
    Laurie –
    Sarah – I totally did- thank you. Though I feel bad. But I love my photos. And my stories. *sigh*
    Laurie – I found out about the story in a funny way – I have a friend who’s a rampant blog reader, and, via some strange 7 degrees of seperation, found this person who told one of my little anecdotes BUT said it happened to them. The weird thing is – the story I told – my friend was there, so she knew it was mine. She let me know. The rest, my blog tracker tells me.. *sigh* I wasn’t sure I wanted to know either.
    N – Thank you so much – I’ve totally seen that, where all you get to save is a little square, that might help a lot. Thank you!
    Kyla – WOW! You are a goldmine! Thank you so much. I have some reservations about contacting them, but I think I will – I guess I just needed some confirmation that what I was feeling was right. *smile*

  12. Jesus Christ! That’s bullshit! How did you find out about this? I hope no one is doing that to me either. The creative commons thing is a great idea and also, do you upload your photos to flickr? If not, flickr has copyrights too that also help. I would contact this person immediately and tell them to credit you or take it down.

  13. p

    you send these lowlifes fucking hate mail, remind them talent is something you have NOT STEAL, and then threaten to punch them in the throat. there’s no negotiating with terrorits… fuckers.

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