this excited.

3214751404_88f7079c62{Ryan Schude – discovered via for me for you, one of the best blogs out there}

Gosh guys, I’m too excited. My sister gets here in less than 24 hours, and is here for 10 days! AND we have heat in our apartment! It’s like Christmas! Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend, and stay tuned tomorrow for an absolutely fabulous Sunday Kind of Love. (Trust me. I just read it. Fab-u-lous.) xoxo



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5 responses to “this excited.

  1. Amazing picture!! Have fun!

  2. That photo is ADORABLE! I love it!

    And I hope y’all have a wonderful time!

  3. This picture makes me so happy. Hope you have an excellent time with your sister. My sister is potentially going to live with me this summer, I feel like this every day in anticipation. Weee!

  4. That picture is WAY TOO CUTE.

    10 days with the sister. That is totally something to be excited about! 🙂

  5. If I had that dress in my size, I’d be excited, too.

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