A Sunday Kind of Love – Guest: You Are My Fave

Hello Lovelies – As promised, a truly fabulous Sunday Kind of Love by Melanie from You Are My Fave! How awesome is this? I know. I’m aflutter. Verklempt. Goofy even. Take it away Melanie before I pass out and have bluebirds circling my head and hearts pouring out my eyes.


I’m so happy that Andrea asked me to participate in her Sunday Kind of Love series. I must admit I was a little intimidated seeing as she is a fantastically lovely blogger and I know her readers are only used to the best, so I hope I don’t disappoint.

While I was deciding what to focus my post on I decided to stick with just a list of things I love but as I was coming up with this list I realized that these are universal loves. Like if someone told me that they hated one of these things on this list I would tell them their pants are on fire. It would be like when someone tells you they don’t like TV and you wonder how this is possible. So here is my list entitled: the list of simple things I will always love and you will too. xo – Melanie


{Confetti -As seen in Times Square on New Years Eve, political rallies and after you win a whole lot of something on a game show. Preferably I
would buy a confetti machine and set it up in my house so I could
enjoy it whenever I felt like it. “Hey, you made a good dinner! Time
to cue the confetti machine!” “You got out of bed today and showered!
I think that calls for some confetti!” Also, I would have a Roomba to
clean it all up afterwards. }


{Flowers wrapped in paper – I’ve heard girls say, “I don’t really care if he gives me flowers or not,” and I know that they are lying. It’s actually a scientific fact that all girls love flowers. And they might be even lovelier when they are wrapped in paper.}

pic-3{Cardigans – Not long ago I took cardigan inventory in my closet and the final count was 13. It might be because I’m cold all the time or my
secret wish that I was a model in a JCrew catalog. I don’t know why,
but they are the perfect piece of clothing.

{Bikes (preferably a cruiser) -Bonus
points if it has a cute basket attached and a banana seat.}

pic-5{Fairy Lights – I was watching School of Rock the other day and I could barely focus on the hilarity of the movie because I was too involved in
looking at the fairy lights that were hanging in the corner of Dewey
Finn’s room. I was asking myself, “What are they connected to the wall
with? How did he get them into that formation.” They’re just so pretty
and sparkly. Sparkle is good.}

pic-6{A special surprise in the mail – I get excitedto check the mail everyday and I usually only get a Bed Bath andBeyond coupon and a credit card application. Yet the thought that maybe a friend sent me a card with a dancing hot dog on the front keeps me coming back.}

So there’s my little list. You know you love it. If Andrea dares to invite me back again I’ll offer you a list of foods that you love when you’re eating them but then you regret ever consuming them once you’re finished. Guaranteed to be a Top 10 Bestseller.



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10 responses to “A Sunday Kind of Love – Guest: You Are My Fave

  1. Oh wow this was a lovely Sunday Kind Of Love.
    Definitely universal loves, and totally gorgeous photos. Eeee! πŸ˜€

  2. that last photo is TOO cute!

  3. I stopped counting cardigans when I got to 15 and I have solar powered fairy lights in my living room year-round. Great post!

  4. Mmmm, paper invitations in the mail are the best! A party + mail = awesome πŸ™‚

  5. sabby

    Sarah – Solar powered fairy lights? That sounds fantastic!

  6. wow these are great things to know. Like a window into what my wife might be thinking. Am I the only guy that comments here? I feel a little embarrassed.

    I think it’s not so much that people don’t like TV, it’s just so addicting and the best way to avoid wasting so much time is to not turn it on.

  7. Very cute. I totally want a confetti machine. πŸ™‚

  8. I LOVE lists and Melanie is definitely one of my faves:) Thanks for sharing here…
    Miel is going right on to my blog roll. So happy I made my way here.


  9. So true! I agree with all of the above.

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