Wanted Wednesday


{I feel like a knob.}

Hey folks – I’m a little bit busy today and didn’t plan very well, so I don’t have a Wanted Wednesday post for you! So.. what have you been wanting? What has caught your pretty little eyes? Leave it in the comments and we’ll all share in each others covetessness.. And I won’t feel so terrible! xoxo (PS – thank you all for your sweet comments. Do you ever think that maybe I live in a ridiculous bubble of drama? Me too. 😉 )



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7 responses to “Wanted Wednesday

  1. Although I’m currently sipping a skinny vanilla latte, what I really want is a nice big cup of hot chocolate with whip cream and maybe a shot of Kahlua haha

  2. fran

    I desperately want that diana dreamer camera that urban outfitters does… But I know that nowhere develops 120mm film now, and sending it off would cost a bomb. So that’s a bit pants 😦
    Trust me to want sonehing completely, utterly impractical!!

  3. Lara

    Bright red boots. To scare away the wednesday.

  4. I’m wanting a cherry red old Volkswagon bug. Is that too much to ask?

  5. Hmm several (many) things. I want a new job in the field I love. I want a digital SLR. I want a viola and endless Snapple green tea. 🙂

  6. j

    i want the 3 tier tray thingie you fought an old lady for. and i want this which i saw today, which reminded me of it:

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