Thursday’s Style

img_0030{Is so Monet..}

I did a little retail therapy with my sister on Wednesday afternoon; found this little gem at H&M. I’d looked at it a few times but was skeptical of the..ah.. colors. But I tried it on today and just fell in love with it’s odd cut and fantastic so-close-to-floral-but-not-quite print. And it was 50% off. Sweetness. With opaque black tights and my Audleys, I will take the college by storm! (sorry for the blurryish picture.. I was too excited and couldn’t stand still. The shutter snapping immediately preceded me jumping around singing “I feel pretty and witty and wise…”)



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9 responses to “Thursday’s Style

  1. So pretty! You have no idea how much I miss H&M, (or just any store that doesn’t sell meat products and/or scented candles, really).

  2. I think Sarah should come visit, but that’s just me.

    You are absolutely adorable, as is the dress. Feeling pretty is a definite lift to the spirits.

  3. you’re adorable! i heart that dress.

  4. j

    wish we could see the pattern better but looks like a killlller print.
    i like that feeling that those weird prints cause. when they got you captivated and questioning.

  5. Aw pretty! Love the dress! It’s got a great cut too. Really stylish 😀

  6. Beautiful! I would love an H&M in Winnipeg. A close second? To live somewhere that isn’t Winnipeg that has H&M. = )

  7. Sarah – I hear you. I think Elle has a great idea – I think you definitely need to come and visit..
    Elle – See above. 😉 And Thanks! I wore this dress today and was SO nervous! And I got so many compliments! YAY!
    Brookem / Sophilia- Thank you.. awhh.. *blush*
    Kyla – I heart H&M too – you’re always welcome to come and visit and totally just have a shopping vacation!

  8. you are so hot!

    sorry for the lame, paris hilton comment, but few and far between face pictures just don’t do the full spectrum justice.

  9. I love it! The dress is just gorgeous and unique! Also, I love that the photo was snapped after you sang a part of ‘I feel pretty.’ That’s awesome.

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