for my lovelies.

Happy Friday my lovelies!

When we come back on Monday it’s going to be a new month – can you imagine? I think it is pure and utter insanity. (As opposed to what you say? Mayhap diluted and vague insanity?) This week with my sister here just flew by, now all of a sudden we’re into February, my anniversary is on the 4th (reminder: get gift consisting of more that this face smiling and a handful of pocket lint)… It is flying. So I thought that after you all so lovingly told me your Wednesday Wants – I would provide them. Cheaply. Voila, for you. Have a fabulous weekend my dears, and stay tuned Sunday for another guest Sunday Kind of Love! She’s the sweetest commenter and all round fab artist…. xoxo

91115779_eed1133992{A Viola for Gooseberried}

2761471980_10211a9aa4{A Red Volkswagon for Melanie}

2673806423_c4dbdc9123_o{Red Boots for Lara}

2357544805_a923d538d7_o{A camera for Fran}

hotchocolate{Hot chocolate for the Good Girl}

img_0022{More Knobs for Laurie!}



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5 responses to “for my lovelies.

  1. Jud

    Yes, another month come and gone. Today is Little One’s birthday – she is 8. She is quite excited and looking forward to the materialistic expressions of love coming her way – and the skating rink party.

  2. happy almost weekend! oh and i love those red boots…

    happy anniversary!

  3. Thanks for the hot chocolate. You’re the best 🙂

  4. Lara

    oh my boots! my little loves!

  5. Thank you for thinking of me! 🙂 Happy Sunday!

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