A Sunday Kind of Love – Guest Blogger J from RoseTung

Hello my dearests! I am so honored to introduce an incredible artist, traveler, commenter and fellow blogger J. I encourage you to check out both her Etsy Shop for the most incredible creations, and her blog for equally as much inspiration – that, and she’s one of the funniest damn e-mailers out there. (Also – check out artist Theresa Anderson, who is also a fan of her work and makes INCREDIBLE music… J introduced me to her and she’s now on a fairly constant rotation. See? What a good blogger friend!) So without further adieu – here she is!



A is for author, A is for angel, A is for always.

Clearly, A here at Miel et Cannelle has a good eye and would be reeeally fun to have along on a shopping or picture-taking spree. The endearing charm of this blog, though, is obviously not all about the eye-candy. There are endless blogs for that sorta thing. There are so many lovable, smart, witty-but-not-pretentious writers. Theres not time for all of them. So, why do we come back to M&C?

I think the beauty of this here A has something to do with (among other things, of course) bravery. The kind thats not praised as much as it should be. Yes, I think A herself has inspired my Sunday kind of love.

I hope this doesn’t come off the wrong way, but, many of my favorite artists are people brave enough to reveal so honestly their scars, their madness, their ghosts… who remind us to always consider the human frailty of others.


rebouche{Rebecca Rebouche}

{I wonder to what degree these people realize the impact they have by sharing themselves this way. (When I say “these people”, I mean the artists, not these people below who participated in Jessica Williams’ art project. Although, in participating, I guess they, in a way, fall into the category of people I’m talking about.) }

too{I’m Too Sad}

{Like family -whatever your definition of that may be}


{Kathe Kollwitz}

{these artists remind us that it’s ok to be wounded.}

claire{Claire Leina}

{Often times, the artists that captivate me the most are those who incorporate humor. They make me grin with crinkled brow, or cry with a laugh, and tug my heart in different directions.}

{This video put to this song has that effect on me…}



{… as does this cup with a hand-painted portrait of a weeping Paola (I just love the name Paola, too). Also, the sad, little bunny I found abandoned at the frame shop where I used to work… Cup by Irana Douer available at Makool Loves You, Bunny – unavailable, don’t even think about it!}


{Lastly, I leave you with a big nudge to listen to this interview with Maya Angelou (this link will go directly to podcast/starts downloading), available at New York Times Talks (this link will go to a list of this sites’ podcasts, Angelou currently being second on the list). Its incredible. Of course it is. Its Maya Angelou. She talks about the waitress in the southern diner not being racist like she assumed, and realizing James Baldwin is a man despite his sexual preference, and how she dropped her work to cross an ocean because she desperately needed to see her son for no apparent reason, and after seeing him, still felt she might kill herself, her inexplicable turmoil was so powerful. I listened to this one afternoon while I crocheted. No need to elaborate on the wonder of this woman. She had me teary-eyed, giddy, giggling, and fulfilled.}

Ummm, I’m not good at goodbyes. Sooo…. That’s it. I’m getting off of my overly-serious high horse now to listen to some old Eddie Murphy stand-up…Thanks for having me, luv! Ciao, xx…

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5 responses to “A Sunday Kind of Love – Guest Blogger J from RoseTung

  1. So happy to read you here. Thank you for sharing. 🙂
    I love artists who open themselves up like that as well. I was speaking with another photographer friend who agreed that one thing that will come of this global financial mess will be beautiful and inspired art…people are vulnerable and susceptible and they want to create out of that…I think…I hope. Beyond that, I think we’re all wounded, or rather flawed, but most of us are just to afraid to show it. That’s the truth. Oh, and, by the way, my sister’s name is Paola. Isn’t it gorgeous? 🙂

  2. j

    Hi chessa!
    thank you! its true. its scary to show our vulnerability. i think we haven’t been taught to appreciate it, that it’s something to fight and hide. seems the wrong way to deal with it, no?
    your sis is a Paola? i’m envious. i wish it was my name. i’ve never even met a paola before.

  3. Oooh, thank you for your guest blog! Art, in all of its forms, has long since been an expression (and therapy) of the artist. It’s uniting when artists brave their souls by showing their pain and scars, since people can usually relate to that more than they can relate to a sunshine-and-rainbows kind of happiness.

    Also, LOVE Maya Angelou. Thanks for the podcast link!

  4. j

    hey! cool! glad you appreciate this, elle bee.

    also. must thank you, A, again, for having me- and! for adding in the angelou photo! beautiful.

  5. darling j.
    thank you for including me in this heartfelt piece. superb insight and references. i really enjoyed the little journey with you here.


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