Come away with me..

I’ve been escaping a little bit in my head lately, to various places and spaces Far from the Madding Crowds as it were…(and co-incedentally all sheep). Here is where I’ve been going…

int200{Debi Treloar}


{Janne Peters}


{Rune Guneriussen}




{Katya de Grunwald}


{Christine Tillman}



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8 responses to “Come away with me..

  1. calgon take me away!

    let’s meet for tea in picture number one and a nightcap in picture number three.

  2. Ooooh, I want to come!

  3. i have the first and third saved on my laptop to run away to as well:)

  4. Like Brookem, I too, love the first and third photos. The lamps in the photo by Rune Guneriussen are gorgeous and if I was escaping on an adventure, I would follow them through the forest! x

  5. j

    hey! thankyou! into a pile of cashmere and silk- would indeed be a sweet escape.
    goddam you find the best shots…

  6. I LOVE that room in the first picture. So, so, so much!
    And the lighting in the fifth – gorgeous. The absolute perfect place to take a nap.

  7. simply beautiful. I love these images. I especially like the one with the lamps on the walk with the small brook. but, the one that calms me most is that white bed. I love the look of an all white, plushy, down feather (or down alternative…lol) bed. I love it.

  8. Where do you find all these beautiful pics?

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