A is For…

Do you know, dearest readers, what A is NOT for? Effing pneumonia. I’ve been laying on my couch for the past two days (interspersed with a sudden and surely cough syrup induced delirium where I go to school for a few hours) basically just repeating “I’m soooooooo sick….” and whimpering. That’s great world. Because what I need right now, on top of trying to, oh, make it, I now have to make it while willing my alveoli to friggin’ expand. (It is alveoli right.. I’m too lazy to google. But I’m afraid… just a sec….Ok. I just wanted to make sure I was clearly talking about my lungs here and not the other one that I get mixed up. The one that sounds like northern lights but also means.. nipple. Aur-something.) But, in my delirium, I’ve apparently taken the wrong cough medicine (wrong you ask? How could there be a WRONG cough medicine… that’s what I thought as I sneezed and almost soiled myself) and have subsequently lost 5 lbs in water weight. Kudos. A co-worker said I looked two dimensional. Yesssss….Success. Licking all those coughing old people has paid off! Or alternately, given me a fever of 103 degrees.

So, as opposed to doing any real work (see: deciding if I like Cory Kennedy or not) I’m participating in the lazy man’s sloe blogging panacea: a meme. Elle Bee gave me the letter A (and I will give you a letter too if you’d like to participate) and the instructions to post a blurb about ten things I love that start with A. Considering I am on a veritable cocktail of awesome, incontinence and vitamins – well, there are no guarantees.




{I think it may be my 2nd favorite Continent (hollah… Antarctica?) and India in particular is my favorite country. After spending an indeterminately amazing amount of time there working and living and traveling – and swearing I will never go back – I have the itch to return. To bring J there and get to say things like “Yes, that man really is naked and clutching a peacock” if only to vindicate myself once in my life. These pictures of two girls in Rajasthan are the two pictures that I cherish the most. We had spend most of the day in the stepwells, and had hitched a ride back to the little village on a cart, and were looking at digital photos. The little kids were so thrilled with the prospect of seeing themselves in my camera that they organized themselves into a line, and one would pose, then walk up to the camera, look at themselves, and walk away. Then the next one would go. These two were so incredibly fierce that they’ve stayed with me.}



{No word of a lie. I love them. I have two pieces of antler jewelery and multiple pieces of art incorporating them.. I love them. Does anyone know what this means? Did I used to be a buck in a past life? Or a doe? Or from West Virgina? It’s a guaranteed win for any gift, something with antlers…It’s been going on for years and years now. PS – Not bad for one of my very first Polaroids hey?}



{I think I must have painted this – yup, all me folks, call me art dealers – about 8 years ago, and it’s always been one of the first things to go up in any apartment I move into. It usually acts as a litmus test for possible friends – everyone has a different interpretation of how you say “try harder”. L. says it makes her feel chastised, J. hears it as a cheer.. Regardless, it’s big and front and center in my living room. We have so much art – as it stands, 8 pieces yet to be matted and framed – and I wouldn’t have it any other way. To surround yourself with creations and expressions of other peoples minds, it makes me feel like I’m always around friends.}



{When I’m not fighting off pneumonia I’m fighting off the entire gerontology floor of my hospital at antique shows and Value Village. I love wandering the aisles of dishes and furniture treasure hunting. J has even gotten into it, he’ll run off an come back with various things and grins like a good fellow pirate should. I found these awesome milky glass ice cream dishes yesterday! For 3$! for 4! *swoons*}

3056457885_14af0ea5c0{American Literature}

{Perhaps it’s the current economic crisis, but Steinbeck always gets me. Or I always get him. Or, given the amount of cold medicine I’m on, later tonight we will seance and talk of Doc and Joseph Wayne and he will assure me that I can travel with him and Charlie. You know. But the depression (emotional and financial) the people, the stories, I love him. I can pick up one of his books any day and be happy.}


{ The colors. The jackets. The boots. The prospect of one day being a woman who will ride into an orchard in a dashing pair of riding boots and pick apples and read Ovid under a tree while feeding said horse sugar lumps on a crisp fall day. The prospect of one day being a woman who is a) not deathly afraid of horses b) when she has ridden a horse looked like a special needs child in the midst of a seizure c) doesn’t like apples or Ovid…. oh autumn. I love you so.}


{The clothing! The hair! Monmartre! The.. the .. everything. *sigh* It doesn’t matter how many times I watch this movie, in French, in English, I still laugh and clap my hands and cry and pull out my hair and at the end feel all around fabulous about love. }


{Artichokes – By Claire Malloy}

{Seriously. If I could only have one sort of – my god, are these even vegetables? Or just magic..? – regardless. Green thing. I’d have artichokes. *smile* And barring that, this fab still life by Claire Malloy.}

Elle, I’ve failed you. I cannot come up with ten things that I love that start with A. *sigh* It may be due to the cough-cold-coma I’ve got going on. It may be because I cannot cop to “loving” apples.. because I sort of don’t. *chuckle…cough…cough…* I have to.. sleep… help…


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9 responses to “A is For…

  1. Oh, you did a great job! I also love many of these things, Amelie makes me melt.

    I dig Andrea. Yup, I do.

  2. Aw, I hope you feel better very soon 🙂
    I really like that ‘Try Harder’ painting. I think I’d have to agree with J. – to me it sounds like a cheer, a call to keep going, to do just a little bit more.

  3. Those little girls are gorgeous.

    And ‘Try Harder’ has become my rallying cry and my mantra. Sometimes I get down on myself because a bunch of people listened to my new song, but no one said anything about it, or because less people visited my blog today than yesterday, or because a ‘frenemy’ sent me a passive-aggressively critical email. And my gut reaction is to get mad or to feel hurt, but then I just remind myself, “I have to try harder.”

  4. I cannot believe you have pneumonia. That is terrible. Even more so, I can’t believe you are still taking the effort to blog. I love the A list, now you need to go sleep.

  5. Poor you hun! Hope you feel lots better soon! LOVE the photos of the girls. That’s such a lovely story as well. Makes you realise how lucky we are with all this technology.

  6. Tim


    oh yes, get better soon!

  7. girl.

    I AM IN LOVE with john steinbeck. i have read even his most obscure works. he never fails to get me.

    clearly we’ll have our katy perry makeout over some salinas anecdotes.

  8. A is for ah-mazing! Seeing those two girls makes me want to drop everything, buy a great camera, and just go. I don’t even know where. But somewhere.

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