A Quiet Corner


That’s where I’ll be dear bloggers until this sickness rolls over me and away – I’m sorry. I have neither the energy nor the inspiration to do anything but watch re-runs of Mad Men and drink Gatorade. This virus is the root canal of the soul. xo



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5 responses to “A Quiet Corner

  1. I’m home with a migraine today… I feel for ya.

  2. Feel better! And how is Mad Men? My roommate has the dvds from the first season, but she said she hated the first episode. Is it worth stealing them from her?

  3. Carlynn

    A, sorry to hear you’re still unwell. I’m thinking healthy thoughts for you. xx

    GGGB, steal those DVDs! Love Mad Men.

  4. I hope you’re feeling better! I haven’t felt so good this morning, and I hope it passes before I have to go into work.

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