A Week of Wants

I’m here! *cough sneeze wheeze* Truly! I’m feeling so much better. Still slightly jaundiced and channeling the Olsens dirtier hair choices, and sure, I haven’t put actual pants on in a while, but I’m here and I’m better. And let me tell you, I am bored as all get out. Which is a good sign. Because before, watching 9 hour spurts of Mad Men was a viable option for the rest of my life. So I’ve spent the past day of moderately feeling better planning the crap out of my life for the next month to catch up, keep up, and get ahead. (Can you tell it took me hours to think of that?) Tuesday next week? Grapefruit for breakfast. Yesssss…Watch out. Once I stop hacking like a 98 year old bingo player, I will be unstoppable.
I was also occasionally surfing the interwebs in my time off (when I could bear the heat of my laptop shooting my fever up to 106) and found some lovely things – thought that since I’d been a little remiss in the Monday Must Have/Wednesday Want scene this week, that I’d share with you here! Have a fab weekend my lovelies, check back Sunday for A Sunday Kind of Love guest blogger that you will just die for. She’s a fab lady and super sweet blogger, and I know so many of you read here…. Intrigued? Stay tuned!

vodka{Sandra Juto}

il_430xn53105819{Valentines Day Cards from Pretty Pretty Paper}

necklacesquare{Gold Leather Link Necklace – Handle & Spout}


{Forever 21}

{Sophia Coppola for Dior}

il_430xn55786051{A View To}



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4 responses to “A Week of Wants

  1. I’ve been wearing that perfume for over a year… so delicious. The commercial is pretty pink perfection.

    I love that link necklace.

  2. i like that shmirnoff picture and it’s vintageness. also, glad you’re feeling better.

  3. I’m obsessed with the ring! I can’t believe it’s from Forever 21! Their jewelry is really hit or miss.

  4. Car

    I want that keychain… more so if it had my keys on it because I seem to have misplaced mine so I’m stuck eating supper out of a vending machine at school until the boy gets home :o(
    Glad you’re feeling better, doll.

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