A Sunday Kind of Love – Dear Mr. Postman

Happy Sunday Everyone! I hope that everyone is having a truly wonderful weekend. A little bit of bad news – our featured blogger today is a little bit under the weather, so we’re letting her rest up for another Sunday when she’s feeling up to it. So, that means you’re all stuck with me.

Since I’ve been stuck on my back for most of this week  I’ve been left to contemplate the finer things in life -clean sheets, oranges, hot tea, and hand written letters. (And sadly, why god, can’t I taste anything?) Midway through the week I received in the mail the loveliest card from a friend, not for any reason at all – and it thrilled me so much. So I started writing letters. Old fashioned, hand written, on correspondence, with stamps letters – and it feels fabulous. They look wonderful, and I’ve been fantasizing about friends getting them in the mail and how happy they’ll be. It’s a cliche but I think it’s true –  it’s becoming a little bit of a lost art, we all write e-mails and texts because it is so much easier. But knowing that somebody bought a card, a stamp, looked up the address – it is bliss. So today’s Sunday Kind of Love is dedicated to just that – the written word, the posted word – Letters.

147530_31_33p2{Faber Castell Mondoro Pen}

{I have a lot of Faber Castell drawing supplies and a few of their pens and they never dissapoint – they are beautifully designed and look stunning on a desk, and they write like a dream. Forgive the blatant 15 year old girl reference, but when Anne of Green Gables used to write to Gilbert, she needed to have just the right pen – not too scratchy, not too soft, just right. I think she would like these pens.}

87406508_f2424a3a3b{The Elements of Style – Strunk/White/Kalman}

{I can’t remember who gave me this gem, but this bright red book has been a fabulous guide my entire writing life.  Whether it is simply elementary rules of language (their, there and they’re) or approaches to style and how to write a proper letter of thanks, this book has it all. It is also illustrated by Maira Kalman with the most fantastic, colourful drawings – if you’re the type to get bored with punctuation, she provides a welcome and charming distraction.}

refurbished_royal_typewriter_blue_1{1950’s Royal Typewriter – Three Potato Four}

{If you’re not the handwritten note type, I can’t imagine a better alternative than this beautiful Royal Typewriter. There is something so angst-ridden about typewriters, I imagine so much wrenching of hair and scotch and smoked cigarettes. They make me think of Bukowski and Miller, taping away…}

envelopes{Andrew Bush for the Metropolitan Museum of Art}

{This photographic collection of various envelopes is really incredible in its entirety. En masse they just look so incredible, then as you view each one it becomes more amazing on a micro level. Really an interesting and beautiful collection of the containers of words and sentiments…}


{Vintage Stamps – Bird and Banner}

{They just don’t make stamps like this anymore! Sometimes I can’t help but feel that slapping a miniature picture of Niagra Falls or the Queen on my letters takes away the beauty sometimes – wouldn’t these just be so much better?}

il_430xn55874449{Eyelet Lace Letterpress Cards – Pistachio Press}

{It may be my current love of lace, but these beautiful cards from Pistachio Press are just the epitome of classic, stunning stationary. It would be so fabulous to get a beautiful handwritten letter on this – how romantic!}

{The Marvelettes – Please Mr. Postman}

{How could I resist?}

Have a wonderful Sunday my dears! Hopefully I’ve inspired you to pick up a pen and write a letter! xoxox – PS. Some exciting news this week – stay tuned.



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3 responses to “A Sunday Kind of Love – Dear Mr. Postman

  1. j

    love it! all of it!! awww this makes me so happy!!!

    snail mail- truly a dying art i’m determined to keep alive.
    i love the imperfections of typewriter type. def an endearing alternative to handwriting. but computer printed letters bug me.
    love the lacemaking stamp and the lace cards. i hate the damn american flag stamps. i can never get those. too lame.
    love the idea of that museum show.
    love the image of the pen. it looks like it writes really yummy style.
    aww! great subject for a post!

  2. I love this post. I spent much of university procrastinating by creating mail to surprise other people.

    I love that you use an Anne reference to describe the pen — adorable! Also, Elements of Style = swoon. But then, I also have a love affair with the Canadian Press Stylebook.

  3. what a great idea to sell a collection of great looking stamps. I love it. The self- pay machine at the post office just gave me a book of nutcracker stamps, in February nonetheless. sigh.

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