Monday Must Have


{Rabbit On The Run}

I’m not going to pretend there is a stylish way to wear this. And I’m also not going to pretend that I don’t love it. Because I do. Happy Monday! xoxo


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5 responses to “Monday Must Have

  1. Tim

    my first thoughts were that it looked awesomely like the insignia for Cobra Commander – my second thoughts were that it did not look like that at all, and then I was sad.

  2. p.

    WHAT AM I MISSING? I get all your shit… your witty banter, your beautiful photos, your ability to make me “ahhhhhh” at the most wierdest times… but I do not get this sweater… at all. I mean, I’m so far from “oh my god I’ve got to have it” that I’m pretty sure I used something like this to shammy my car off at Hughes last week.

  3. Oh I’m dying for that.
    It’s immediate “youre not wearing pants” territory. But I wouldn’t care for a moment.

  4. Car

    I love you, A, for continually broadening my horizons, but I’m with P.

  5. j

    mmm, i’m into it. odd beauty.
    the 1st comment here cracked me up haha…

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