Friday Jams.


Happy Shabbas everyone.. It’s Friday. And next week is reading week. (see: Subdued spring break). And, to celebrate, I’ve been listening to this great little band from Ohio all morning and disregarding the thumping on my roof to dance like Uma Thurman via Pulp Fiction in my living room. Minus the milkshake and overdose. Check them out here, (Be So Happy slays me..) or click below to listen to a sweet little song sans video. xoxo my lovelies!



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3 responses to “Friday Jams.

  1. How fun! I’d never heard of them before!


  2. brookem

    ill need to check out that music! thanks for the tip!

    i already decided last year that im going to be uma for halloween this year. woo.

  3. hello, doll. i just stopped by today to send you some valentine’s love. you are like a little rainbow for my soul.


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