A Sunday Kind of Love- Code Word “Rusticate”

Happy Sunday my lovelies. I’ve taken the weekend off from doing anything productive, from thinking about school, from reading anything academic.. Just…off. It’s reading week next week and we’ve got the whole time off of classes, in which I plan to spend most of the time at the bibliotechque playing get ahead/catch up (a tricky game) but THIS weekend.. This weekend I’ve decided to kick back and be creative and lazy and try to find joy in those things I used to before I decided I was going to be a serious student. Four years ago. *chuckle*

Little known fact: twice in my life I’ve worked as a bike mechanic. I have this strange talent/touch for fixing bikes. I once worked at a bike shop in the middle of the prairies for not very long, but long enough to hone skills I didn’t know I had and parlay that into a somewhat fruitful summertime career. I often wonder had I not had a friend who introduced me to the art of wheel balancing and brake alignment if it would have been a skill that slept dormant in my brain until I was 90 and realized an ability for fixing wheelchairs. The interests we don’t even know we have…

Foster Huntington (a mid-west to Rhode Isle transplant photography student) is like that friend who introduced me to fixing bicycles, but instead of bicycles Huntington introduces you to whiskey. And plaid. And steak. And hiking boots. And it’s not like you didn’t know that all of those things existed, but you didn’t put them all together until Foster showed you Fat of the Land. And then you fell down this hole of americana, Steve McQueen and manliness that would make you trade in your x chromosome to become a hobo in the 40’s or Bobby Kennedy’s handkerchief.

Thank you Foster. For making me feel creative and linking me to all these creative people who love something I didn’t know I did. This Sunday Kind of Love is dedicated to the art of Rustication, Americana, and the manliness that comes with it. At least in my heart.


{The Fat of the Land, Huntington’s offshoot of a restless transplant (his home blog) is an experiment in the blog to brand move. A compilation of archival photos mixed with Huntington’s own displaying everything from meat, sheep sheering, hunting, cows, miners to Steve McQueen.. You can almost smell the woodsmoke and wet cotton. Perfect and beautiful and worn.}


{Nick from A Time to Get provides a bridge between the old and the new, a how-to for walking your newfound love for plaid and ammo cases into your danish modern apartment, introduce them to your girlfriend and have them behave at your next cocktail party. }


{If Foster introduces you to whiskey, the gentlemen at The Foggy Monocle steal a bottle of Hendricks Gin to give you as a hostess gift. And they’re so damn hilarious you don’t mind one bit. Based on the “wtf” texts that you send the day after a night of gentlemanly/womanly carousing attempting to make sense/ remember the night proceeding (hence the “Foggy” Monocle), this site displays those very real conversations under the guise of anonymity. Perfection. Check out their fabulous interview with Flavorpill here, and a sample of the site’s fare below. Though I do encourage you to check it out for yourself – the bawdier tales are fabulous.}



{Not the patron but the bartender? Check out my current favorite blog of the daily slog in the industry – nothing more truly blue collar than a white one. Rien Avant takes me back to those days with tales of staff bathrooms, ironing and company parties. Reads like the Paris portion of a modern day “Down and Out in Paris and London“.}


{Where do you get your americana you ask? How can I look like a union man? If only milk was delivered in glass bottles and we all still drank Wallbangers. Check here for everything and anything to emulate that man – including boaters, which I hear are going to be big this season. }


{The perfect mix of the two, the gentleman and the tramp, I feel like I could fill this bag with a) the NY Times, law briefs, Mont Blanc pens and keys to a Jag or b) a dog erred copy of Catcher in the Rye, a flask of whiskey and an extra pair of socks. I really would like it, but I’ll tell you, you can find it at the always amazing Dewberry Vintage, if you want it more than I.}

Somehow all of this makes me feel so very warm and comforted and real. Hope you enjoyed! xo


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  1. What an inspired and inspiring writer you are, my dear!

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