However, we did skip a case of the Mondays.

I suppose this means my “weekend” of “leisure” has ended – somehow working every day doesn’t translate to rest and relaxation – though this conversation helped –

BBerry Messenger:

Jared: How’s work/ I love you.

Andrea: Good. I have a strange urge to get drunk.

Jared: Random, but good call.

Andrea: I may be intoxicated alone in our living room when you return from work.

Jared: Alrighty, I’ll drink my whole tab then.

Andrea: Indeed. And then we will make out at 3am when you return.

Jared: Sounds good to me .

Andrea: Or, I will wash my face and pass out on the couch.

Jared: That works too. As long as you have fun.

Andrea: Jared, this is sad. I’m seriously considering getting sauced by myself. The other option is, barring that, simply FALLING ASLEEP. With a clean face.

Jared: Andrea, drinking by yourself is great. You get the best parts, and no one sees you pass out!

Andrea: That is true. See, I knew there was a deeper, more important reason I wanted to marry you. You condone and encourage what may be burgeoning alcoholism. And, still love me.

Jared: You forget. I have the same will to drink my love.

Andrea: Thank god. This may have proved disasterous otherwise.



HOWEVER, on the more productive side of my weekend (don’t hold your breath here) I have been perusing the wares of Bryant Park (see: Fashion Week) vicariously here, here and here, as well as reading what dear Anna Wintour has to say about the effect of the recession on fashion. And holding my breath (not really – but I was super excited, because hopefully with a new season the pumps from last season that I want will go on sale) for the Marc Jacobs show that happened about an hour ago. Apparently there was also a fire sale on parentheses (har har). End of productivity right there.

What did you guys get up to this weekend?

 This strange thing has been happening. In my little scribbler/inspiration notebook/receipt repository, I have a list of things I want to do in my life, including the bands that I want to see before I die. (A list I completed last year with Neil Young). So, of course, I make a new list. Not a “want to see before I die” list, but a “I would pay a moderate ammount of money for those tickets and be pleased with myself” list. And it just so happens that anyone that I add to the list ends up booking a date here within about a week of me adding them. Including Heartless Bastards, who will be here in April. Weird hey? Jared says add Tupac.

 Who would you guys love to see? I can add them to my magic list for a small fee. *chuckle*

 We’re also slowly beginning to work on summer plans. Ah – summer. It seems like no matter how old you get, even though work doesn’t really stop anymore, there is still a sense of possibility contained in warmer months that makes you …anticipate. We’re thinking about taking a trip down to California. There. I said it. I’m so damn excited. Given, we’re nearing dirt floor broke right now, so who knows. Fabulous thing about dreams, them not costing a dime..

 Alright my lovelies, I hope you had a lovely long weekend. (Ps – I really love that the US gets President’s Day and we get.. Family Day.) I’ll be in the library most of this week attempting to pull something brilliant out of thin air for thesis work. It’s happened before. Thank goodness only now does my academic career hang on it. *phew* So, as per usual, there will probably be an increased amount of irresponsibility, imbibing, carousing and self pity. Hoorah my loves, great things* can only come out of this.

*Stories in which you laugh at me.



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9 responses to “However, we did skip a case of the Mondays.

  1. I’ve definitely had that conversation before and I have definitely gotten sauced by my lonesome on the couch watching bad tv. It’s not so bad…

    Love the links btw…thank you! I love when the tents go up!

  2. Tim

    I’ll be making a few trips down to the school this week, so I can always keep you on/off track.

  3. Brilliant texting 🙂 He sounds very sweet…

  4. robomiso

    two answers in one in a way. first, getting drunk by yourself is lovely. second… that’s what i did this week end. granted, i wasn’t “alone” but i was the only one drunk. it was fun and calming at the same time. ahhh, wine.

  5. Oh I love your favicon! Is that new? =)

    I would love to see The Hold Steady. They’re awesome.

    California would be so much fun! I hope that you guys can pull that off! We’re starting to plan the summer too, and I can’t wait!

  6. hey! thanks so much for the comment on the blog. really sweet of u! i am also following fw stuff like crazy and loving it. and getting tipsy by yourself IS fun. lets here it for family day (ahah at least we get one!!)

  7. sabby

    If your list really is magical, could you please add Neko Case? That would be swell!

  8. can i date you both? don’t worry. that thing is totally cool here in southern california.

  9. Chessa – One day I want to go for Fashion Week – one day, in an alternate universe. Probably one where there isn’t a recession!
    Indie Tea – Yes, he’s very sweet – thank god he puts up with me. He still holds out hope there will a 12 step program for philosophy students however.
    Robomiso – Those are they best situations. I always see myself as the life of the party then! Whether it’s true or not.. *shrug*
    Kyla – Alright, I’ll put the Hold Steady on my list for Winnipeg. Maybe that will work. We will be driving through this summer.. 😉
    Sabby – DONE! I saw her at the Black Dog years ago, and she proceeded to take most of her clothing off. Sweeeeetttt…
    Gina – Funny, totally cool here too. And J says “Hellllll yesssss…” He likes your profile picture. *draws thumb across throat*

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