Inspiration: No sad face. I have all the cures.

Sometimes, when I’m listening to tunes, perusing Lookbook or Refinery29, all I can think is really.. do you all have to look so sad? (Well, that, and “Damn. Eat something.”) I think it explains why I’ve been so drawn to simple landscapes and such lately. Well, that and I never envy a landscape their Loubs. But I digress. Renee Lowe on Dripbook. Salve for your sad fashion burns.




In other news: as predicted, the increased pressure to perform academically has led to a complete personal breakdown. I spend 2 hours in the library yesterday doing “research” and made one very small librarian very scared of me when my print jobs got lost. As a result I felt “hopeless” and “gave up”. See: bought a pack of smokes, a coffee, and came home to dance it off in my living room. However, it did turn into such a wonderful night with Jared – we sat in our super sunny spare room and watched Charlie Chaplin’s “Modern Times” (one of my favorite films), then picked out a recipe to make from Real Simple for dinner. Walked to the grocery store and got another coffee and a nice bottle of white wine (not usually my bevy of choice but it was in the recipe) and returned home to make dinner and listen to (in this order) Iron and Wine, The Rolling Stones, James Brown, Fleetwood Mac and the “I’m Not There” album on the record player.

Then, what did these two intrepid young, stylish people do? Why we drank an entire bottle of wine while playing backgammon at the kitchen table. I have such fond memories of backgammon – I spent hours and hours playing with an old boss of mine, up in the middle of nowhere (or, around Meander River) in the middle of the summer. So I taught Jared. And he schooled me.

See? Academic crisis averted with board games and booze. Or, if that gets ya down, check out my beautiful flowers. Ta da. I’m a virtual pantheon of panaceas for modern malaise. Art, booze, and barring that – flowers. You’re welcome!




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5 responses to “Inspiration: No sad face. I have all the cures.

  1. Your evening sounds lovely with the wine and backgammon. I hope you shake those negative feelings about schoolwork.

  2. mmmm a smoke sounds wonderful. i quit four years ago. reading in the library will always, always strike me as incredibly intellectual and romantic.

  3. Ooh hooray, your blog will finally let me comment! I love backgammon- I play it on the computer all the time and I usually win because if you hold your cursor over the game pieces, it shows you where they’ll move too. I’m not as good in real life because I have to actually count…

  4. P.

    Oh man, there is so much goodness in this post. First of all, that bed…then the hairpin…then the flowers. I’m so sorry you had a rotten day. Sometimes it’s important to tell the universe to eff off and drink a bottle of wine. And play backgammon. It’s been ages since I played backgammon.

    Anyway, I was with you in spirit last night as I got slightly tipsy in my kitchen. Thank you so much for all of your encouragement and your sweet words about my blog. It really cheered me up. xoxo, P.

  5. I love those sorts of nights…

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