A Picture: It’s worth a thousand words. Boy. Ironic.

img_0057Is that irony? Irony that there are way more than a thousand words that I have to slog through? Probably not. But, if you are wondering where I am for the next day and a half? I’m sitting behind this stack of books, sobbing. Reading, but sobbing. Out of happiness Mom. Happiness that I get to be a student for only a few more months. Well. A few more.. ok.. 6 years. Alright. Whatever. Forever. That’s where I am, behind those books, thrilled. And smoking.

ps – Thrill alert: I took the job for the mag. And I’m sending and receiving a million e-mails a day about designers, models, hair, accessories and it is SO exciting. Mostly because I get to talk to people I secretly blog stalk a lot legitimately. There, I said it and now you know for sure how uncool I am. However, because we’re focusing on a Home Grown theme, I get to talk to and expose little and underexposed designers etc that may not get a lot of play. Which makes me so happy.



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9 responses to “A Picture: It’s worth a thousand words. Boy. Ironic.


    That sounds like so much fun, I hope you learn and stretch & make all kinds of exciting connections!

    And just looking at the pile of books is going to make me black out. Not being a student is about the best thing in the world, I swear.

  2. congrats!

    did i mention, i am thinking of rejoining the ranks of academics? seeing that stack of books has me thinking twice.

  3. how wonderfully exciting!!!! yay!! sounds like a job i would adore as well. so interesting and moves quickly. that picture is divine. i love stacks of books.

  4. Congrats on the magazine job! That’s going to be incredible!

  5. Congratulations, Andrea!!! I’m hearing of so many deserving people scoring rad jobs these days. It’s encouraging to know that even in a tough economy, there are jobs out there!

  6. congratulations on the magazine gig!! how exciting!!

    and i know how you feel about the reading/sobbing with all those philosophy books. i got my ba in english but with a minor in philosophy so i know exactly the kind of slogging that philosophical works (particularly with mr. communist manifesto himself.)

    good luck :]

  7. Jud

    Good news about the job. The stack of book looks fun, to me, compared to the drivel I often read before falling asleep.

    Of course, then I see the Hegel, chuckle to myself and return to my pulp fiction. Enjoy!

  8. Congrats on the job – woo-hoo!

    And that is a lot of Marx. Wow.

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