A Sunday Kind of Love – Hollywood Edition

My dearest readers – I am at a loss. I know. Go figure. Me. Nothing to say. Jared is very excited.

Last night, as I knew Gina – The Internet Sensation -was working on her Sunday Kind of Love post, I was trying to come up with an introduction to her post. Which really, if we all face it, is the least important part – it’s sort of like the crap “dedication” at the front of a book that you glance over and go “Huh. To Mom. Obviously.” then you read the book and the book is fabulous and the dedication might as well be the ISBN number.

Like all writers..humans..sloths, I went to bed without having accomplished said task. And at four this morning I got up and clicked my e-mail and sat down to a tub of chunky monkey and Gina’s SKL post, ate half tub of aforementioned  ice cream and went back to bed. And swore a couple times. To which Jared responded “If you smell like I think you smell.. like bananas and walnuts and chocolate.. that is why we don’t keep ice cream in the house. How much did you eat?”… to which I swore some more and lay there in the dark thinking about Gina Clover. Which, I imagine, happens a whole hell of a lot in LA. People read about her, meet her, drown themselves in Ben and Jerry’s, and sniffle in bed in wonder.

So.  I really have nothing to say that that whole above paragraph doesn’t say for me. Her humour and honesty and incredible writing keeps me laughing and feeling, just when I think I’m the only one that considers tacos and alcohol legitimate stand-ins for emotions and sustenance. Her trials and tribulations make me feel for her in a way that I rarely feel for friends, much less somebody a blogosphere and country away.  She is talented in oh-so many ways as you’ll see below and honestly, it’s I who have the honor of hosting her here. Gag. I know. But she really is that great. Thank you Gina. Thank you for making me ruin my pillows with Chunky Monkey drool.


Hello, dolls! I am just beside myself to be here today. Because I’ll be honest, I swoon over Andrea’s finds as much as the next person with good common sense, but I truly never thought I was Miel et Cannelle material. I know, I know. My blog lacks both style and substance, and I pretty much only excel at making fun of things. But, being such a crafty lady and all, Andrea saw something beautiful and true in me, so today (and today only) I’m pulling it together to talk about things sincerely, and show off some visual candy that sincerely and truly makes my heart soar. (Too much sincerity makes me feel vulnerable, Internet, and I’m not having it for too long.)

I live in Los Angeles. And, yes, I am well aware we are not popular with the rest of the world. I SWEAR I used to be one of you. I lived in New York and went to art openings and hung out with fashion designers and thought Los Angeles was where all the illiterate fame whores went. Yes, they are here, the illiterate fame whores. But I promise we are not all fake tans and implants. People have the wrong impression of us. In fact, many times I vow never to ever leave this place because it so gosh darn inspiring, and the artists are real and genuine, and the art has a marvelously underrated integrity that makes it all even better.

 So on this wintery Sunday Kind of Love I would like to bring you some Hollywood sunshine, and share with you a few of my favorite artists working here. Some I know, some I just crush on. (I’m keeping it down to just visual arty stuff so it makes for a prettier read, but the musicians and directors and writers here truly knock it out the park and I have mad, sincere love for them, too.) More than anything, I hope it shows that our photographers are not all paparazzi and our artists are not all actually in New York.


{Jacques Brautbar}

 {I love this picture.  I think if Hollywood had a yearbook picture, it would be this back-flippy girl.  This photo makes me feel inside all the warm hopeful freedom that drew me to LA, and all the things that still make me all squishy and hopeless for this town.  I recently had the distinguished/dubious honor of assisting Jacques with a massive cleaning of his room, so I think I have seen every photo and Polaroid he has ever taken, and after all of it, I’m still endlessly fascinated by the way he captures the world.  Especially his.}


{Audrey Kawasaki}

 {Okay, I’m kind of obsessed with her.  Dreamy creatures, ethereal girls and wood paneling?  I want to cover my walls and ceilings and life in this stuff.  In fact, she is the one person in LA I keep trying to figure out a way to interview her for somewhere, so I can meet and befriend her and maybe she will give me something.  Anyway, please enjoy drooling over her website as much as I do. }



{Kii Arens}

{Kii is dizzyingly, multi-taskingly talented.  He is pop art and pop personality and has more energy than starlets on coke.  He makes album covers, oil paintings, photos, graphics, t-shirts, lunchboxes and toys, and often combinations of all of them at once.  He even lives in his own pop art gallery.  REALLY:  



 (If *I* ever get my act together we are going to collaborate on a musical/performance art project, but in the meantime, I suggest we all stage a coup and take over the gallery for a Sunday Kind of Love shindig.)


{Lily Simonson}

 {I am less and less inclined to gallery hop anymore, but for Miss Simonson I will.  I hope all of you get to meet Lily someday.  I know we are all Special Snowflakes, but there is absolutely no one like Lily.  She singlehandedly made the Yeti Crab a star, and if you cannot appreciate an oil painting of Dom DeLouise imagined as a lobster centaur, saving Ann Frank and decapitating Nazis, then there is no hope for you, my friend. }


 {Alex Prager}

{Years ago I met this girl at a dinner party and she said she was a photographer and I was all, “Yeah, whatever.”  Then I went home and looked up her website and proceeded to have low self-esteem for several hours.  If I had the discipline and patience to be a photographer, this is exactly what I would want to make.  Not that I could or would, but the aesthetic, the color, the retro mod-ness, the lighting, the girls, the LA-ness, the shadow-y quiet-ness.  There aren’t enough ‘-ness’ words to describe my love.  It is everything I want in my art.  It haunts me.  It makes me lonely in a good way and I never tire of looking at it.  I wish her all the success in the world.}

 Okay, my special honey and cinnamon friends, I hope I have helped in some small way to change your mind about LA and exhibit our artistic contributions to the world than just TMZ and Paul Blart: Mall Cop.  And this post almost changed my mind about writing earnest and art-minded posts. Almost. 

Much Sunday Love,

Gina Clover





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8 responses to “A Sunday Kind of Love – Hollywood Edition

  1. Great Sunday kind of love! And that photographer’s work is astounding. I would have needed to lie down after finding her website in that context!

  2. Oh this cheered up my sniffly Sunday by leaps and bounds!

  3. “Which, I imagine, happens a whole hell of a lot in LA. People read about her, meet her, drown themselves in Ben and Jerry’s, and sniffle in bed in wonder.”

    You have described my every night since (virtually) meeting Miss Clover. And I love that mod LA photo with the wigs. So moody.

  4. Back flippy girl is you, right?

  5. what a wonderful, wonderful exposure to artists i had never heard of. thank you! i really enjoy each picture or photo you put up.

  6. I love all the features here…thank you!

  7. and ps–don’t be so hard on yourself…I know it’s tough and I am the worst of the worst when it comes to being hard on yourself. but we all deserve a break every once in a while…

  8. Car

    “if you cannot appreciate an oil painting of Dom DeLouise imagined as a lobster centaur, saving Ann Frank and decapitating Nazis, then there is no hope for you, my friend.”

    Henceforth, this will be my litmus test for friendship.

    Thanks, Gina Clover.

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