Monday Must Have – Lauren Haupt

Alright, since I’ve confessed my financial guilt, then I’m totally.. absolved right? Sure. We’ll go with that. However, it is a little less intimidating to feature a Monday Must Have that comes from a fabulous independent artist such as Lauren Haupt.  I regularly visit her website and Etsy shop and picture myself in her elegant, organic and always inspiring work. Like this:


As soon as I can convince Jared to get rid of the cable tv.. (Just joking babe…)

So, happy Monday everyone. We’re back from spring break, Jared left on school business Sunday morning and I am ready to forge ahead through wind, rain or french class to the end of the semester. Tally-Ho.

(Actually – total lie. Since he left I lit our toaster on fire, ate the entire remnants of the Chunky Monkey last night, had a bagged salad for dessert and stayed up until 1am pulling my hair out over school. I threatened him saying he MUST come home, that I would only eat toast in protest, but that went up in smoke when the toaster did. Plus, he says Montreal has good Lebanese food and he has no problem not eating it while I’m being petty. Damn you son.)


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6 responses to “Monday Must Have – Lauren Haupt

  1. Oh they’re so beautiful!

    Finances are tough. Especially when necklaces are pretty. I think we’re so awesome we should both just get things for free. I’ll work on it.

  2. Man, there are so many things I wouldn’t be lusting after if not for your blog. (Don’t worry, I have plenty of lust to go around).
    Also, I’m glad I’m not the only one with a guy who is impervious to my perfectly reasonable (ridiculous) demands and/or threats.

  3. SO PRETTY! I’m with Sarah. Ignorance is bliss. I see you posting all these lovely things I want them ALL.

  4. What a fun necklace! I’m loving it!

    I hope you’re having a wonderful week so far!

  5. love love love the necklace and you are so funny. sorry about your toaster…sounds like sthg I would do!

  6. I love all things about this necklace! Ugh!
    And well, I just fell head of heels for your blog,
    so well rounded and pleasing, and a lot to sink
    my teeth into!

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