Wanted Wednesday – Carefully Worn


(In a far away time, long ago, I lived in far away a place. And in a very platonic way fell head over heels for a very tall, very married, very Russian “attache” who was about 10 feet tall and dashing. He would come to cocktail parties that would invariably end in my mother tenderly … and tipsily..singing Russian lullaby’s unearthed by the “little water”. And everytime he would start a story that was a lie, he would say “Truthfully speaking…”)

Truthfully speaking, this shopping moratorium really isn’t that hard. Really, I considered calling this post “Wanted Wednesday – F**k You Too Payday!” because I was doing so great, then I remembered that J’s mom sometimes reads my blog (Hey Joy! I think we’re coming to visit soon!) and that I don’t want to jinx payday (because in two days, it’s only a week away! Because if you do your math, that means it was only 4ish days ago! Sad!), and I don’t like the way my mouth looks when I say F-words.

If I were to give up my shopping moratorium, it would be to purchase something.. all.. anything.. from this delightful e-bay shop Carefully Worn. Which, lets be honest here, I never figured “delightful” and “e-bay” shop would go together in a sentence, like “Andrea” and “AA” or “Paris Hilton” and “Hanes”. Well designed (gasp) beautifully photographed (gasp) with absolutely perfect clothing that somebody way cooler picked out (because sometimes e-bay tricks me into thinking I do want to go back to the 80’s…) AND let us NOT start with the fact that I would like all of her art, her sofa, and oh her bangs for good measure. Fine. And I’m blog stalking. In a friendly way. Just look –




Go. Now. Buy. All. Save. Me.

But really, truthfully speaking, I’m ok.



If you’re in the city, and you are NOT on a fashion moratorium, Nokomis is having their spring line launch shindig Thursday eve, please kick me if you see me buying anything. I am fully intending to go in, discuss the upcoming shoot, have a sugar cookie (please god let them have sugar cookies again. They had peppermint icing. I ate.. I ate like 5. And I’m allergic to wheat. It was worth it) peruse the beautiful wares and skeddaddle…*

*That is a lie. I’m cashing a Christmas cheque and buying from their new vintage shoe line.



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3 responses to “Wanted Wednesday – Carefully Worn

  1. Oh my gosh! I’ve never considered buying something from an ebay store but that’s *fantastic*. Amazing find!

    And show us your treasures when you ‘don’t’ buy them? = )

  2. Congratulations on your restraint. 😉

    That shop is beautiful — wow! And everything is so well priced!

  3. great post! ill def be checking this out 🙂

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