Inspiration – Her Morning Elegance

Happy Thursday everyone! It’s going to be kinda a crazy day today – I’ve got an exam this morning, and I’m kinda still recovering from the Andrea vs. Thesis Advisers panel thing I went through last night. But, I’m focusing on the positive, which is, as far as I can tell, that I now know very clearly that the phrase “trans-historical independent moral theory” is very very exciting. This afternoon I’ve got a meeting with the art director and some meet and greets with clients and designers, after that I’ve got another (way more boring) meeting, then the Nokomis Spring Launch is tonight, which face it, I am VERY looking forward to! *crosses fingers for sugar cookies* (And I will totally show you everything I don’t buy..*chuckle* ) This weekend doesn’t slow down a whole lot, and is filed with music and work and food and fun – with a bit of reading and studying thrown in for good measure.

So it was a bit of a rough day yesterday – but then I came home and somebody had forwarded me this incredible video, and I just knew that you would all appreciate it. It completely pulled me out of my funk and made me smile! I love when they’re dancing.. What’s your favorite part?




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4 responses to “Inspiration – Her Morning Elegance

  1. I saw the title of your post and thought to myself- “that sounds familiar!” Hehe we just watched it in one of my design classes. Such a cool video!

  2. i’ve seen this before too! its so amazing. i love the stop animation, and i like the part when she goes “underwater”
    thanks so much for the comment about the scarf/necklace im working on putting a bunch up on etsy i just need to find some good scarves, ill keep you posted! (oh and if u have any colours in mind let me know and ill keep my eye out for you 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh, this is amazing – thank you!

  4. Car

    Très cool, A. My fave part is when he pulls her back down to earth… reminds me of my designated ‘earth puller’ ;o)

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