Let’s Run Away Lovelies…


{I think we should make a run for it this weekend…}


{..pack our bags..}

il_430xn58565084{…tuck our hair up in beautiful, messy buns…}


{…wear our beautiful vintage clothes with new aplomb and style..}


{…eat delicious apple galette with vanilla ice cream…}


{…tell each other some secrets…}

{…sing silly duets to each other in the car and laugh at each other…}

Anyone want to come with?



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7 responses to “Let’s Run Away Lovelies…

  1. Tim

    unfortunately, my hair does not have what it takes to be wrapped up in a bun – I’ll have to sit this one out.

  2. Ok! I have TOO much work to do in my shop so running away sounds just perfect!

  3. Car

    YES! Let’s run away forever!
    As for those messy updo buns, would you one day show me how you so “effortlessly” do those? I want to look pretty, too!

  4. I want to know what instruments the girl is playing in this Youtube video. Those look like instruments I could probably learn to play…

  5. Oh, you know I’m in. Might need some help with the messy bun though, I’m useless when it comes to such things.

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