Monday Must Haves

Hello pickles. It’s flippin’ Monday. I’m not sure where my weekend went.. oh wait.. yes I do.. here. But we digress. I do feel a little sad that I didn’t do a Sunday Kind of Love post yesterday, but I was feeling a little wacky (as is evidenced by the entirely too personal story). So instead of feigning any sort of cogence this morning, I’m simply going to show you the things that I fell in love with this past week. Even if they have no rhyme or reason.

Because today.. Today I’m joining the Spending Hiatus over at Simply Lovely. I’m tired of pinching pennies because I can’t pinch my pocketbook closed – I would far rather eat good food and spend time being creative than eat out and buy my creativity. (Sorry Etsy.. *Sniffle*) So, I’m joining up for the month of March, and if it goes well (piety can become one heck of a vanity sin) I’ll stick it out for April. Wish me luck.. and enjoy the purge of wants, wishes and loves below! (and don’t worry – even if I won’t be buying, I will still give you lovelies lots of temptation. xo)


{This beautiful dress from Splendid Red just kills me.. brocade, cotton, burnt orange? Yes please….They are such a fabulous Etsy shop – I can’t wait to get to their brick n’ mortar locale next time we’re down south!}


{Peonies and Polaroids has a shop.. *sigh* I found this out the day before my shopping hiatus truly began. *chuckle* Luckily, everything is so beautiful, buy or not – there is inspiration aplenty!}


{Jérôme Dreyfuss? Yes, I think I love you. Just sayin’.}


{Su Blackwell does things with paper that just blow my mind. Check her out here.}


{Sometimes The Sartorialist is just so heart wrenchingly beautiful.}


{My new fav foodie blog. The Late Winter salad on there right now makes my mouth water.. Can’t wait to make it!}



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4 responses to “Monday Must Haves

  1. Few things make me want to cut up books, but those sculptures are just gorgeous enough to make me want to attempt my own. Nice finds, as always.

  2. oooh so glad you are joining! i’m rooting for ya.

  3. I feel like I’ve unvoluntarily joined the spending hiatus due to a ever diminishing bank account.

    I got your thank you package today. Chello!? You didn’t have to send all that goodness but it made me so super happy. I love the card you sent. I love it so much I might frame it. Happy day.

  4. Thank you so much for the link!

    Your blog is gorgeous.

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