Friday Five

Due to C and E.P.’s unrelenting inspiration (and the fact that it’s working…) I’m turning Friday over to a new feature. For my own sanity, I’ve taken to thinking about all the good things that happen in my week, even when it’s rough going. So on Fridays I’m going to start sharing them in the hopes that you too see a little bit of the good stuff in your week. Please God let this work.

strawberry{Abby Trys Again}

This week, in the midst of some crazy weather, our little local grocery store got a shipment of the most beautiful, ripe, juicy strawberries I have ever seen in any month, much less March in Canada. And they put them on sale, two quarts for 4$. We ate them in salads, in cereal, on toast with butter.. it made me so so happy.


{Girl x}

I ordered two prints from Jenifer Altman a little while ago, when she was having a 2 for 1 sale. Due to my really poor reading comprehension, I picked two prints that she wasn’t offering the deal on, and one of the prints I asked for was actually out of print. I had waited so long to pick, for a time when I was down and needed a treat, that it had run it’s course. She e-mailed me, and asked if I wanted to change my order – but I love her photography so much, it didn’t matter. The ones I picked I loved. Today, they came in the mail – and that beautiful, lovely woman included the out of print print for free! There are sometimes such beautiful, kind people out there that they take my breath away. Thank you.

tulips{Place in Sun}

Even though I know I’m not supposed to be buying anything but essentials, I did buy an incredible bunch of tulips for just 2$. They’re sort of lime colored, really tall.. They’re like.. space tulips. Every time I look at them they make me smile.


{Better Off Dead}

I had the privilege of getting lost in so many books, so many lectures, so many papers this week. Sometimes I treat reading as a bit of a chore, but when I really think about how much I do enjoy it – I was very very lucky this week. There are times when I can’t believe that I will get to call this – learning – my career, and I feel so incredibly lucky.


So now that this is a solid fact.. I’m going to be shooting the Loyal Loot Collective for the fashion issue at the end of the month! Dara and Anna (Carmen is away) have happily (so happily for me!) agreed to let us into their studio and let me dress ’em up and interview them a bit. Very very exciting for me, and a definite highlight this week!


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6 responses to “Friday Five

  1. Space tulips are classified as an absolute necessity. So no harm, no foul.
    Congrats on getting the shoot! Will we be able to see the photos/article?

  2. I love, love, love that bottom picture.

    Very exciting stuff on the fashion front! Yay!

  3. i’m a fan! these pictures already brightened my day significantly.

  4. I’m loving the strawberries, too! Yum! And you’re photographing and interviewing the Loyal Loot Collective for the fashion issue? So freaking cool!

  5. Car

    Yay, gratitude journals!!!
    Yay, cheap, delicious fruit! Our store did that with pineapple once. We ate so much so quickly we had sores in our mouth, and we didn’t care one bit. We had twenty minutes in the tropics…

  6. what an absolutely charming post. i’m glad you are so determined to be positive- that’s the ticket.

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