A Sunday Kind of Love – Winter, I’m Leaving You.

Dear Winter –

It hasn’t always been like this, has it? There was a time, just a few months ago, where we weren’t always at each others throats like itchy scarves. I haven’t always sobbed into my pillow as I glanced up at your face at my window, or turned the television off when I saw a picture of you out on the town. I remember when we first met, you made me feel like a child, so hopeful and inspired by your beauty. You were sort of like Lara Flynn Boyle – cold, but still beautiful and a little mysterious, like I wanted to play with you but knew I could get hurt. Frostbitten almost. I wanted to be with you at every moment, feel your kisses on my nose and my cheeks, wake up to you waiting outside for the walk to the bus stop.

I don’t know what happened.

There was that day where you ruined my shoes. My beautiful beautiful boots, crusted with salt – you never even apologized! Then all of a sudden you ruined my skin, it was dry and scratchy just like my hair. Everyday that I woke up you were throwing a tantrum outside my window, the walks to the bus were no longer filled with your wintery kisses but with the wrathful stabbing cold of Lara Flynn Boyles elbows on my cheeks. You’ve changed winter. You’ve changed.

I think we need some time apart. I’m not going to lie -there’s somebody else, somebody who weaves flowers in my hair and doesn’t make me wear a jacket everyday. She even likes fruit and high heels! Maybe one day the three of us can meet up.. She’s really sweet and nice, and has a little meat on her bones. Sorta like Dora the Explorer but older and prettier.

Maybe we can meet up later. In a year or so. For a hot chocolate. It’ll be ok, I promise. You should take that vacation you’ve been talking about, there’s no time like now to see Australia.



spiro_necklace_mc_elypsoidal_grey{These incredibly delicate, spirographic necklaces just sing spring to me. They make me think of the shapes that shimmying bulbs in the ground must make, getting ready to push forth their beautiful colorful bulbs into the light. Check them out at the beautiful Miette shop.}

textile{Silk Taspestry 1927/28}

{Gunta Stölzl was the coolest lady.. mountaineer, avid reader, philosopher and incredible textile artist, this site actually does her justice. Hundreds of photos from hundreds of Bauhaus exhibits around the world inspire me in so many ways. It is so interesting how color and movement are so much inspiring as winter comes to an end – they sway my soul in ways they didn’t months ago.}


{I’m not going to lie, my sole spending slip up this week has been flowers. I’m a sucker for tulips. I would be sucker for ranunculus, but I’ve only recently discovered them and I’m too afraid to ask for them at our posh flower shop.(Can somebody give me the phonetics on that one?) But everytime I see a photo ( like on design*sponge) I’m a smitten kitten.}


{This soft looking beautiful green bag from Manos makes me think of the pale little green sprouts that come up through the ground in April. I’m a big spring cleaner, and one of the areas that often fall under my wrath are handbags. I orgnanize, clean out wallets, switch out old wallets for new, fresh lip chap, keychains.. and lets face it, a new purse entirely. I would like this one.. *smile* }


{With spring cleaning comes spring decorating – something I love. I stumbled upon PomLove a few weeks ago and have been dreaming of a girly wine n’ cheese brunch decorated with these beauties ever since. }

39504_fr_dl{I’m not a big fan of white, but I think with a beautiful colored dress.. oh who am I trying to sound coy. I love this beautiful light, white coat from Chloe and I don’t care if I’d look like a washed out scalloped potato, I love it and want it. However, because it is $2,300 on Net-A-Porter, I think I’ve discovered the key to my shopping hiatus being successful – fall in love with things that are so expensive owning them is only possible in conjunction with selling my kidney, then evaluate how much I love said kidney. Success!}

pins3{I’m such a sucker for Handle and Spout, they could probably sell me anything. But I also have nobody to weave flowers into my hair, so we have come to an easy agreement and now they will weave flowers in my hair. Perfect for spring.}

My lovelies – what makes you want to bid adieu to winter? What have you seen lately that inspires you?



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7 responses to “A Sunday Kind of Love – Winter, I’m Leaving You.

  1. “ra-nun-cue-less”


    they are beautiful, I must say. i bought pink tulips from trader joe’s yesterday, and they are sitting pretty on my desk and keeping me company.

    the worst part about winter for me is the things it does to my hair and skin oh my!

    jane austen is inspiring me right now—had a bad week and watched some pride and prejudice to cheer me up, which it always does. those dresses and poise! i need myself an edwardian shirt to ward off the blues…

  2. I thought of you in Safeway yesterday while I was eyeing up the tulips… and again at Superstore eyeing up the mini daffodils. Spring is mucky and wet and gross, but I can not wait for it to arrive.

    Damn you -26, damn you.

  3. you and i have different impressions of lara flynn boyle. i just see her and go, “cokewhore!”

    though i’ve long suspected winter was a cokewhore, too.

  4. what an absolutely lovely post, full of goodies. i adore fresh flowers and definitely spend too much at Farmers Market. i love your metaphor of winter as Laura Flynn Boyle= perfect!!

  5. that tapestry is aaaaaaaaamazing!!!!
    its blowing my mind right now

  6. Lara

    Ok, so i haven’t even found the man…. but if i knew him and we were to, lets say, take the leap into married bliss (or something) i’d have to get him a ring like this:


    I absolutely adore it.

    and hey, even if he takes it off, he still cant cheat! haha.

  7. That Gunta Stölzl textile reminds me of Mociun’s prints this season!

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