Serenity Now!


{A badge of courage from Miss Crowland Leather}

The few of me that know me in real life, and the ones that read carefully here know that I am a little high strung. A psychological soprano if you will. I operate best, and with the most efficiency under stress. I never figured that my positive efficiency/stress graph had an upward bound, which once reached, plunges me somewhere around catatonia.

Which happened at 4pm today. In the back of the cab. In rushhour. As I got my 35th e-mail of the day on my BlackBerry about co-ordinating shoots, writing press releases, submitting my thesis paper, organizing a wine and cheese.. And was I, at 4:00 being 2 hours late, going to make it into work today?

HOWEVER – The Loyal Loot shoot went beautifully/very well/was not a disaster. Sadly, because of the great camera debacle of 2008 I didn’t have a camera and hence have no preview shots – but it was beautiful. The house/studio was so very incredible (The Selby should seriously call them) our hosts so incredibly gracious, the coffee was hot and the cameras focused, so with any luck, that is reflected in the photog’s amazing work. We shoot the next two locales on Saturday (Soul Soup and the darlin’ Nokomis gals at Bike Works) then I have a little tiny bit of time to breathe before I plunge once more into the breach of madness and submit my first draft of my thesis on Thursday.

Unbeknownst to us we ALSO had a video shot of the whole affair, a video that I was not aware of until I was told to get in front of the camera! So, ladies and gents, when you see said video please don’t make fun of   a)how I look  shellshocked b)how I look dishevled and panicky and c)how I have a voice like minnie mouse but am obviously trying to imitate Morgan Freeman with a baritone. Peep.

I’m sorry if this means the blog is a little sporadic this week – I fully intended to get a guest blogger for the week but got so swamped that I didn’t even manage to ask anyone. I also am really really going to need a glass of wine on Saturday night. At this point I’m just shouting out things I need and hoping that my prayers are answered. BOOTS. HIGHLIGHTS. Kitten? Anyone?




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3 responses to “Serenity Now!

  1. I’m glad the shoot went well, even though you were sans camera. I’m proud of you for merely making it through the insanity of days like this. xo

  2. Phew – what a day! Congrats on making it through 🙂

  3. misscrowland

    Thanks for featuring my pin. I say just sit back and enjoy a glass of wine…

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