The Things I Could Have Used


{SEE by Chloe at Gravity Pope. I held one of these in my hands the other day and contemplated how far I could get with them. And the likelihood that I’d be able to go back and get the other in a weeks time.}

i) I am not stupid. Yet, I do not find pleasure in pointing out this fact in everyday life situations where it’s not needed. Like, lets say, at a meeting where I’m helping to organize an undergraduate conference. At a meeting where previously, I have volunteered (and completed I may add) securing and dealing with a designer, slogged about town for sponsorship, found a trio to play at the reception, written a press release and put up with the uppity bitch peanut gallery that repeatedly and cyclically talks about procuring more horses to ride, the opening of the new Banana Republic outlet and Tiffany’s. I’m not even joking. I am not a particularly violent person persay (which is why I didn’t choose a high heel here) but there is something in me that longs to remove my footwear and toss it across the table the next time that discussions about the plenary speaker gets derailed by talks about Stud-books that don’t involve a) leather b) my boyfriend or c)Dwayne Johnson.



ii) To be perfectly honest, I dressed in the dark today. Not even “it was dark when I dressed myself”, but I fumbled about in the dark cursing both daylight savings time and our blackout curtains and didn’t really properly assess what I was wearing until I walked by a mirror at work. Sweet readers, sometimes I am very happy that you do not know me. I was wearing grey highwaisted  pants, a heather grey tank top and a grey sweater. I have officially turned into Monochromatic Woman, harbinger of old age, fine lines, perpetual winter, myopia and granny panties. I need color, light, some skin cream and a thong. I think I have the Uglies.


iii) I’m not asking for Cliquot wrapped in ostrich leather. (Who is? Crocodette Dundee?) But booze is definitely on the non-essential, no purchase, don’t fall off the saving wagon  list. And considering I have already let myself down slightly by purchasing my entire weeks caloric intake in Venti extra hot toffee nut lattes (see: two), boozing it up is off the menu. Thanks be to mom who sent me a few dollars of strictly “non-essential” money to be spent willy nilly (that’s totally cheating isn’t it..) I’m having a drink with a fellow blogger this Friday. Yay!



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3 responses to “The Things I Could Have Used

  1. Tim

    Dwayne Johson IS a stud – there you go 😀

  2. oh i love the coat in that picture! i have it saved too…..oh and forget thongs. fullbacks all the way!!

  3. I love extra hot toffee nut lattes! Love. Yum.

    Also: I am beyond excited for Friday.

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