Happy Birthday! Please god, don’t drink shots with milk in them.


This has been blowing my mind lately. I can assume that you all have some general memory of 1991. Yes? Ok. Hold onto that. My sister’s 18th birthday is today. Got it? Ok. She was born in 1991. Which, by my incredible powers of deduction, I figured out that 1991 was indeed 18 years ago. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? I mean, yes, I remember the day that she opened her eyes (which anyone in our family will tell you she did stubbornly one at a time, to the point we wondered if maybe out of vanity she was hiding an empty socket in the other one..), I remember the day we decided she would take after me and NOT be in the sports realm when she ate a stick of butter and loved it, I remember.. well, a lot of those 18 years. So, today, dear M, Happiest Birthday. I am a terrible sister and bought you the Polaroid camera above but didn’t proceed to extract my head from my ass long enough to send it to you. Which means you will get a late gift, which, lets face it, we know is way better. Thank you for all the inspiration, laughter and love of the last 18 years, and here is to another 18. xoxo



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4 responses to “Happy Birthday! Please god, don’t drink shots with milk in them.

  1. M.

    you are the best sister i could ever ask for, and will enjoy a gin and tonic (lactose free!) for you.

    i love you and will call you later

  2. Aww so cute. My sister is turning 18 next month! I’m also enjoying the fact that it’s a pink camera on pink thursday!

  3. This is very, very sweet.

    Also, no shots with milk is very, very good big sister advice!

  4. It totally weirds me out when I hear kids were born in the 90s. It makes sense but still…

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