Friday Five

Despite being outrageously busy, it seemed like there were just more moments of awesome this week – perhaps because I’m becoming better at noticing them. I also completely forgot to mention that I was guest blogging over at Good Girl Gone Blog for Pink Thursday.. so go check her out for my pink picks. I’m dearly looking forward to the weekend, I have drinks with a new friend this evening (exciting) and the wrap up of the last two photo shoots on Saturday!  Cheers everyone, happy Friday!

green{Paper Flower Girl}

{The amazing weather on Thursday was hard to beat this week. Even though it was only a day among a week of  -25 weather, it was so warm, so springy, so sunny and heart lifting that even if the weather is equally atrocious today.. Well, I know spring is out there. For warming the top of my head and making me feel alive, I’m so thankful for a hint of spring this week!}


{I was on the bus yesterday afternoon with a stack of garment bags and two huge bags of shoes. You know what doesn’t work in the wet spring thaw? 30lb wet paper bags full of shoes. *laugh* About 4 blocks from my destination my already tenuous hold on faith and the handles ripped apart and I was left with a stack of shoe boxes essentially in a paper basket. Luckily, a young man with a kind heart offered to let me stack him with boxes and lead him to the shoe store with my garment bags over my shoulder. There are good people out there in the world, and I’m thankful for them!}


{I really do love this shop, and spending hiatus or no I’m looking forward to seeing Geeta’s upcoming shop update. Make sure you watch her blog – she’s going to organize a giveaway which is perfect for those on a money moratorium. *chuckle* I am thankful for people who are so inspiring in what they do!}

2532095428_0399b36e17_o{Molly Orangette}

{I don’t really like avocado really. I think they’re sort of perfumey in a strange and oily way. But this week I had some strange craving for avocado, and I stopped by the grocery store to grab one. At 4 for 2$, I couldn’t resist.. and they were so good. Creamy, rich, they reminded me more of butter than anything. Fabulous. I’m thankful for my somewhat adult taste buds. }

jared{Yup, that’s J!}

{While I’m thankful for J everyday that I’m with him.. or at least most, lets be real here.. This week I was especially thankful. He is so passionate, so committed to what he does that he keeps me constantly inspired and working hard at what I do. In loving what he does, he reminds me why I love what I do – and occasionally, when I forget, plies me with beer and chicken wings and tucks me into bed. }



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4 responses to “Friday Five

  1. Aw, this is a sweet post! That shop is gorgeous.

  2. i adore avacado 🙂

  3. Oh gosh, AVOCADO. It’s one of my favourite foods, and this post has just given me an enormous craving!

  4. I want to be festooned with everything in that shop! I also want J’s sunglasses.

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